Bibliometric analysis of clinical medicine publications in Turkey

Koçak, Murat
University ranking systems such as ARWU, HEEACT and URAP have recently started publishing field-based rankings of universities. Such rankings aim to raise awareness regarding the current status of institutions in terms of their academic productivity and publication quality in specific fields such as medicine and life sciences. However, since most global rankings consider a limited number of top ranking institutions mainly located in developed countries, it is not possible to evaluate the status of many Turkish universities in existing field-based rankings. The purpose of this thesis is therefore to draw a bibliometric profile of medical publications in Turkey to identify the current publication trends in medical subjects in reference to global publication patterns. For that purpose, a bibliometric analysis was conducted over the 33560 medicine-related articles published by Turkish universities during the years 2010 to 2012 in journals indexed by the Web of Science. In order to conduct in depth subject-based analaysis of publication patterns, the publications are classified under three medical divisions by aggregating medical subject categories provided by Web of Science. This allowed us to reflect the organizational structure of medical schools at Turkish institutions in our analysis, which include internal medicine, surgical medicine and basic medical sciences. The findings indicate that, publications in the internal medical sciences have the highest percentage among the three divisions of medical sciences. In basic medical sciences, researchers tend to publish mostly on Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology, Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology and Cell Biology. In internal medical sciences, researchers focus on subjects such as oncology, and pediatrics. Total number of publications resulting from collaborations with foreign universities are found to be 4498. More than 50% of the collaborations were in internal medical sciences. Analysis of basic medical field collaborations indicated active contributions in topics such as biochemistry & molecular biology (337), In internal medical sciences, researchers have done more collaborations in the field of genetics (288), whereas in surgical medical sciences surgery (247) is the most popular field in terms of collaboration. When benchmarked against citation per publication values in the world, Turkish universities tend to score lower than average in almost all medical subject areas.
Citation Formats
M. Koçak, “Bibliometric analysis of clinical medicine publications in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.