Implementation of article 12 of Seveso II directive in Turkey

Baş, Dursun
Regulation on controlling major industrial accidents in the context of the Seveso II Directive has been newly introduced to the Turkish national legislation. However, transposition caused a new debate on how to implement the Article 12 Directive which defines a framework for risk informed land-use planning of (LUP) Seveso establishments and new developments around establishments. The present study aims to assess current regulatory framework and highlight the gaps of implementation level of legislations related to the Article 12 and address their effectiveness. In this thesis, general profile and compliance level Turkish Seveso establishments are investigated using notification raw data, inspection reports, surveys, interviews and satellite images which reveals past LUP practices around those establishments. Existing approaches related to the risk informed LUP are put in perspective by tracing the legislation, EIA reports and procedures by focusing on their application problems and capabilities by taking into account of best practices in EU case. The main problem is absence of regulatory framework ensures technical advice which explicitly corresponds to the LUP requirements of the Article 12. The existing LUP decisions do not incorporates accident scenarios based on risk assessment and vulnerability of population around establishments. Majority of the decisions are inconsistent and not proportional to the actual level of risk. vi The need for establishment of risk acceptance criteria, technical advice procedure and incorporation of major accident risk notion and public vulnerability classes for better LUP decisions are main conclusions of the research. Several suggestions are also proposed to improve the existing regulations.
Citation Formats
D. Baş, “Implementation of article 12 of Seveso II directive in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.