Superconducting cosmic strings

Kürkçüoğlu, Seçkin


Supersymmetric backgrounds and black holes in N = 1 , 1 $$ \mathcal{N}=\left(1,\;1\right) $$ cosmological new massive supergravity
Alkaç, Gökhan; Basanisi, Luca; Bergshoeff, Eric A.; Devecioğlu, Deniz Olgu; Ozkan, Mehmet (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-10)
Using an off-shell Killing spinor analysis we perform a systematic investigation of the supersymmetric background and black hole solutions of the N = (1, 1) Cosmological New Massive Gravity model. The solutions with a null Killing vector are the same pp-wave solutions that one finds in the N = 1 model but we find new solutions with a time-like Killing vector that are absent in the N = 1 case. An example of such a solution is a Lifshitz spacetime. We also consider the supersymmetry properties of the so-calle...
Supersymmetric solutions of N=(1,1) general massive supergravity
Deger, N. S.; Nazari, Z.; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür (American Physical Society (APS), 2018-5-29)
We construct supersymmetric solutions of three-dimensional N = (1, 1) general massive supergravity (GMG). Solutions with a null Killing vector are, in general, pp-waves. We identify those that appear at critical points of the model, some of which do not exist in N = (1, 1) new massive supergravity (NMG). In the timelike case, we find that many solutions are common with NMG, but there is a new class that is genuine to GMG, two members of which are stationary Lifshitz and timelike squashed AdS spacetimes. We ...
Supersymmetric solutions to topologically massive gravity and black holes in three dimensions
Dereli, T; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür (2001-07-15)
We obtain a general class of exact solutions to topologically massive gravity with or without a negative cosmological constant. In the first case, we show that the solution is supersymmetric and asymptotically approaches the extremal BTZ black hole solution, while in the latter case it goes to flat space-time.
Super-radiant surface emission from a quasi-cavity hot electron light emitter
O'Brien, A; Bek, Alpan; Boland-Thoms, A; Adams, M; Roberts, J (1999-02-01)
The Hot Electron Light Emitting and Lasing in Semiconductor Heterostructure (HELLISH-1) device is a novel surface emitter which utilises hot carrier transport parallel to the layers of a Ga(1-x)Al(x)As p-n junction incorporating a single GaAs quantum well on the n-side of the junction plane. Non-equilibrium electrons are injected into the quantum well via tunnelling from the n-layer. in order to preserve the charge neutrality in the depletion region, the junction undergoes a self-induced internal biasing. A...
Superlocal chemical reaction equilibrium in low temperature plasma
Üner, Necip Berker; Thimsen, Elijah (2020-06-01)
Low temperature plasmas (LTP) are a unique class of open-driven systems in which chemical reactions are unpredictable using established concepts. The terminal state of chemical reactions in LTP, termed the superlocal equilibrium state, is hypothesized to be defined by a proposed set of state variables. Using a LTP reactor wherein the state variables have been measured, it is shown that CO2 spontaneously splits and the effluent speciation is independent of the influent speciation if the state variables are h...
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S. Kürkçüoğlu, “Superconducting cosmic strings,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.