Estimation of traffic impact at signalized intersections around the proposed health campus in Etlik, Ankara

Kazemi Afshar, Ali Asghar
A proposed integrated health campus with a total bed capacity of 3566 will be built in Etlik, Ankara, in an area surrounded by two urban corridors and served by six 3-legged and two 4-legged signalized intersections. For such a large medical facility with emergency services, it is important to assess its accessibility at these intersections by determining current and future levels of service (LOS), which is the objective of this study. According to Highway Capacity Manual, the estimation of LOS for a signalized intersection requires the determination of control delay which includes i) uniform, ii) incremental and iii) initial queue delays. The first two components require signalization and flow parameters, such as effective green, cycle length, etc., which are estimated based on traffic surveys via video recordings in the study. The initial queue delay, however, could be estimated by simulating the observed corridor flows and obtaining the queue lengths, which are performed in Synchro v.9 and PTV Vistro.The results showed that two main arterials serving the health campus area have different flow characteristics especially during the weekday peak periods: the intersections on the south corridor have lower LOS levels, mainly due to the heavy traffic between the Kecioren and the city center in the peak hours. LOS values range from B to D, and future values are expected between LOS C to E. The north corridor currently carries less traffic, and has LOS ranging from B to E, and is expected to have LOS C to E after project during the peak hour. This shows that proposed project must definitely be supported by new intersection design and control solutions to better manage the expected congestion after the opening of the health campus.
Citation Formats
A. A. Kazemi Afshar, “Estimation of traffic impact at signalized intersections around the proposed health campus in Etlik, Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.