Foreign patronage mechanisms in the contentious episode in Syria: 2011-2012

Kaya, Mustafa
This thesis aims to understand the effect of the foreign patronage networks on particular Syrian contentious actors during 2011-2012, the episode which is characterized as the formative period of Syrian uprising. Tracing the Charles Tilly’s contentious politics approach, in this thesis three main mechanisms, co-optation, outside certification, and coalition formation which are combined into foreign patronage process, are examined throughout three main currents of the Syrian opposition. Although it is expected that articulating to foreign patronage mechanisms extended the contentious actor’s capabilities to develop contentious campaigns further; in Syrian case these mechanisms contrarily prompted the demobilization effect on the local Syrian population in terms of participating these contentious actors against Syrian regime.
Citation Formats
M. Kaya, “Foreign patronage mechanisms in the contentious episode in Syria: 2011-2012,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.