Investigating the effect of student response system supported think-pair-share pedagogy on preparatory school efl students’ vocabulary achievement

Çelik, Sercan
The educational potentials of using mobile technologies in higher education classrooms where English acts as a lingua franca among all nations are growing. The needs have emerged to understand and integrate educational technologies into these classrooms. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Student Response System (SRS) supported Think-Pair-Share pedagogy on vocabulary achievement of EFL students in a private university in Turkey. 154 students and 7 instructors were selected from 4 intermediate and 4 upper intermediate classrooms according to convenience sampling. For this mixed-methods research, the data were collected through vocabulary achievement tests, the perception survey, and semi-structured interviews conducted with students and instructors. Quantitative data analysis was performed with independent samples test using the Mann-Whitney U test and qualitative data were decoded following grounded theory. The analysis of the vocabulary achievement test revealed that SRS supported Think-Pair-Share pedagogy resulted in higher vocabulary achievement. The analysis of interviews with students and instructors revealed that SRS experience increased engagement and concentration of students on in-class activities, provided better quality feedback for both instructors and students, fostered self-confidence and resulted in an increased sense of cooperation and competition among students. Both instructors and students reported that using SRS was a positive experience for both parties. Findings in this study add to deepening SRS literature and present practice-oriented recommendations for classroom teachers. This study presents recommendations for future research on SRS supported vocabulary development, vocabulary retention, and to prep school and undergraduate program curriculum designers in ELT, pre-service and in-service teacher education programs.