Taking a deeper look at mother – adolescent conflict on self-care, room management, and chores

Güneş, Seren
Adolescence was considered to be an era of storm and chaos by many scholars; because of the increases in the conflicting situations. On the contrary of common beliefs; the sources of conflicts were not extreme delinquent behaviors of teens; but daily issues such as chores, room management, and so on. Thus, the current study aimed to investigate possible predictors of conflicts on self-care, room management, and chores among mother – adolescent pairs. The current study exclusively focused on the predictive roles of demographical, mothers’, adolescents’, and parenting characteristics. The data from 338 mother-adolescent pairs were analyzed. For each theme; separate regression analyses were conducted for developmentals stages of adolescence separately. The results were discussed in the light of the literature. The conclusion was that there were different mechanism active in predicting variances of conflict from mothers’, and youth perspective for each theme, and for each grade.