Impact of government entrepreneurship supports on women’s empowerment: the case of women in Ankara

Demirez, Demet
Gender equality and women’s empowerment constitute one of the central issues in the process of development of all developing countries around the world. Owing to the unequal participation of women in the rights and opportunities in all spheres of social life, it becomes important to adopt a gendersensitive analysis for understanding empowerment. At this point, entrepreneurship gains importance. It is not only a solution for financial independence but also a key factor about real world experience and higher regard within the family which gives women a better bargaining position and higher security. This study is primarily concerned with answering the question of whether or not government’swomen entrepreneurship support increases women’s empowerment in Turkey. It is done with a Gender and Development perspective, focusing on the priority of women’s social empowerment. Gender division of labour, types of work, access to control and control over resources, practical and strategic interests, levels of participation used as an analytical tool. In this study interviews conducted with 18 women in Ankara who are beneficiaries of the KOSGEB support programme, as well asinterviews held with representatives of the organization The conclusions drawn from this study is that KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Support Program has two way effects on women’s empowerment. Support program has positive effects on women who have not previous work experience. However, for other women who have been working for a long time, support program does not express a sense on their empowerment.


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D. Demirez, “Impact of government entrepreneurship supports on women’s empowerment: the case of women in Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.