Modifications in development plans: A case study of Ankara

Ulusoy, Hülya


Modifying urban physical development plans in metropolitan cities: case of Ankara
Bademli, R S Belgü; Bademli, R. Raci; Keleş, Ruşen; Department of City Planning (1998)
Transformation of urban sphere: Hacibayram square and its environment, Ankara
Yardımcı, Sinem; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2008)
The aim of this thesis is put forward a critical inquiry into the new advent neoliberal publicity and the spatiality which brought forth by this emergent publicity in Ankara thereby interrogating some key concepts such as neoliberalism, neoliberal urbanization, public space and publicity. “The Renovation Project of Ankara Historical City Center” will be assessed owing to constitute a model for understanding the tendencies in the planning of public spaces of Ankara for the last two decades. Considering the v...
Developments in dryland wheat production : an analysis with discrete variables for a case study from Turkey
Bıçak, Hasan Ali; Department of Economics (1979)
Transformation of the Ottoman built environment in the nineteenth century in Anatolia: the case of Tokat
Kardaş, Ayşegül; Altan, Tomris Elvan; Department of History of Architecture (2011)
In this study the Ottoman built environmet in the last period of the nineteenth century Anatolian city is examined. The study aims to explain the construction of new buildings as well as the transformation of earlier types during the process of contemporary modernization and centralization in the Empire. The main frame of the study is formed of the public and the private spaces that formed the urban built environment, and the transformation of these spaces. The city of Tokat has been chosen as the area of s...
New building in historical settlement as an urban conservation problem : a case study in Tarsus
Bilgiç, Umut; Madran, Emre; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2004)
This thesis develops around the theme of new building problem in historical settlements. Rapid and uncontrollable urbanization due to industrialization and over dense population is resulting in the demolishment of the existing historical settlements in our country. Despite this change, as the main goal of conservation is to provide historical continuity, the existence of the new buildings in historical settings as the products of this process come out to be an urban conservation problem. The current regulat...
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H. Ulusoy, “Modifications in development plans: A case study of Ankara,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.