Improvement on bit diffusion analysis of pi-cipher

Bozdemir, Beyza
Pi -Cipher, a sponge-based algorithm designed by Gligoroski et al., is a second round algorithm of the CAESAR competition. The designers of Pi-Cipher analyzed the bit diffusion of the parts, star operation and 1 round pi -function for all variants of Pi -Cipher. They showed the results with graphics; yet, they did not give any conclusion about these results. We improve this analysis by applying Strict Avalanche Criterion (SAC) Test in the package of Cryptographic Randomness Testing designed by Doğanaksoy et al. to star operation for all w values and reduced round versions of pi-function for 16-Cipher. We obtain that star operation for all word sizes fails SAC Test whereas reduced round versions of pi-function pass the test. 
Citation Formats
B. Bozdemir, “Improvement on bit diffusion analysis of pi-cipher,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.