Fractal image compression techniques

Gürses, Eren


Fractal scaling analysis of groundwater dynamics in confined aquifers
Tu, Tongbi; Ercan, Ali; Kavvas, M. Levent (2017-10-01)
Groundwater closely interacts with surface water and even climate systems in most hydroclimatic settings. Fractal scaling analysis of groundwater dynamics is of significance in modeling hydrological processes by considering potential temporal long-range dependence and scaling crossovers in the groundwater level fluctuations. In this study, it is demonstrated that the groundwater level fluctuations in confined aquifer wells with long observations exhibit site-specific fractal scaling behavior. Detrended fluc...
Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref (1992-08-28)
This paper focuses on the evaluation of learning performance in intelligent dynamic processes with supervised learning. Learning dynamics are characterized by basins of attraction generated by state transitions in control space (statespace + parameter space). State uncertainty is modelled as a cellular control space, namely the cell space. Learning performance losses are related to nonseparable basins of attractions with fuzzy boundaries and to their erosions under parameter changes. Basins erosions are ana...
Fractal Modeling of Outcrop Fracture Patterns in Alasehir Geothermal Reservoir Turkey
Gürel, Emrah; Coşkuner, Yakup Berk; Akın, Serhat (2016-02-24)
Alasehir geothermal area located in Gediz graben is the current high enthalpy geothermal target in Turkey. The geothermal system mainly produces from fractured Paleozoic Menderes metamorphics. In order to characterize the fractured reservoir formations, marble and schist outcrop fracture networks were identified and traced using image analysis software. Primary and secondary fracture histograms were developed and box counting method was used to calculate fractal dimension. It was observed that for both form...
Fragility analysis of wide-beam infill-joist block RC frames
Donmez, Cemalettin; Karaarslan, Enes; Erberik, Murat Altuğ (2022-01-01)
Purpose: The purpose of the presented study is to develop fragility curves for the wide-beam infill-joist block reinforced concrete structures. Theory and Methods: Nonlinear time history analyses are performed for the set of selected ground motions. The performance levels are identified through pushover analysis and fragility curves are produced for ground motion parameters. Results: Fragility curves obtained for the wide-beam RC frames presents a different characteristic than the curves obtained for the co...
Fractal Dimensions and Entropies of Meragi Songs
Aydemir, Adnan; Gündüz, Güngör (2013-05-24)
Melodies can be treated as time series systems with the pitches (or frequencies of the notes) representing the values in subsequent intervals. The pattern of a melody can be revealed in a scattering diagram where pitches represent vertices, and the directed pathways which connect the former pitches to the next ones signify the relations established during the performance. The pathways form a pattern which is called animal diagram (or lattice animal) in the vocabulary of graph theory. The slopes of pathways ...
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E. Gürses, “Fractal image compression techniques,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.