Single channel noisy speech enhancement based on spectral amplitude estimation methods

Demirkır, Cem


Single axis attitude controller design using pulse width modulated thruster
Silik, Yusuf; Yaman, Ulaş (2019-05-01)
This work consists of design and experimental validation of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) scheme for a cold gas thruster system which is driven by on/off type of actuators. PWM scheme designed according to the characteristics of the on/off type of actuators obtained by the developed solenoid valve model and the experimentation. Angular position of the single axis rotational platform is controlled by the PWM scheme and the state feedback angular position controller. The PWM scheme and the angular position con...
Single axis precise motion control using piezoactuator associated with a compliant mechanism
Yaşar, Gökhan; Balkan, Raif Tuna; Yaman, Yavuz; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013)
Mechanical amplification is achieved using a multi-flexure-hinge based compliant mechanism, due to limited displacement range of piezoactuator. In the design stage of mechanism, a comparison matrix analysis is performed to decide the best alternative among the possible compliant mechanism candidates. The mechanical design parameters of the displacement amplifier is determined optimally using the analytical equation derived using Pseudo Rigid Body Model, and the static analysis is performed using finite elem...
Single channel digital controller design for a high spinning rate rolling airframe missile
Suicmez, E. C.; Kutay, Ali Türker (2022-04-01)
Spinning/Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM) mostly use an analog (ON-OFF type) control approach that deflects control surfaces (fins) at minimum and maximum positions continuously, and control is achieved by applying phase shift between the minimum and maximum deflections during a complete roll cycle. Therefore, the control signal shape changes continuously during the roll cycle. In this study, a novel single channel digital controller is designed and tested for a high spinning rate (10-20 Hz) RAM. The digital...
Two channel adaptive speech enhancement
Zaim, Erman; Çiloğlu, Tolga; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
In this thesis, speech enhancement problem is studied and a speech enhancement system is implemented on TMS320C5505 fixed point DSP. Speech degradation due to the signal leakage into the reference microphone and uncorrelated signals between microphones are studied. Limitations of fixed point implementations are examined. Theoretical complexities of weight adaptation algorithms are examined. Moreover, differences between theoretical and practical complexities of weight adaptation algorithms due to the select...
Single machine scheduling with preventive maintenances
Batun, Sakine; Azizoğlu, Meral (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
We consider the single machine total flow time problem in which the jobs are non-resumable and the machine is subject to preventive maintenance activities of known starting times and durations. We propose a branch-and-bound algorithm that employs powerful optimality properties and bounding procedures. Our extensive computational studies show that our algorithm can solve large-sized problem instances with up to 80 jobs in reasonable times. We also study a two-alternative maintenance planning problem with min...
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C. Demirkır, “Single channel noisy speech enhancement based on spectral amplitude estimation methods,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.