The Murabitât: a women‘s civil resistance movement in the Old City of Jerusalem

Yıldız Yücel, Sümeyra
This thesis aims to discover reasons for the success or failure of civil resistance movements by focusing on a single case: The Murabitât. The Murabitât‘s primary declared aim is to protect the Temple Mount/Masjid al - Aqsa from the Israeli policies and Temple Mount activist‘s endeavours, which they consider as threats to the Temple Mount/Masjid al - Aqsa and their right to worship. Israeli - Palestinian conflict is one of the most contentious conflicts in the world and the contestation over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount/Masjid al - Aqsa has been one of the biggest obstacles in peace negotiations. In 2010, the Murabitât emerged out of the political void in Jerusalem; turned into an influential actor. Since the Murabitât movement is a locally based and issue specific organization that does not pertain to the governance of the society; it can n ot be considered as a political organization. Drawing on seventeen video recordings including life histories of, and six interviews with members, organizers, and supporters of the Murabitât , this study conceptualizes the Murabitât as a civil resistance movement, because the movement has the three main institutional. This study argues that, the women and men who lost their privacy in their lives due to the constant infringements of the authorities realized that the retrieval of their privacy requires a fight in the public sphere. This realization facilitated the emergence of the Murabitât as a women’s civil resistance movement. The silent administrative policies of attrition by Israel and the wideness of the social distance between the Palestinian and Israeli societies blocked the civil resistance mechanism of backfire. However, building a new resistance identity and setting up transnational ties with civil society actors, the movement managed to galvanize the support of the masses.
Citation Formats
S. Yıldız Yücel, “The Murabitât: a women‘s civil resistance movement in the Old City of Jerusalem,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.