The World of figurines in the neolithic and early chalcolithic North Aegean: the case of Uğurlu Höyük - Gökçeada

Gemici, Hasan Can
This thesis is aimed at the investigation of figurines recovered from the site of Uğurlu Höyük in Gökçeada, Turkey. It has previously been put forward that similar prehistoric figurines symbolized religious entities. Recent studies, however, have shown that such interpretations are not supported by scientific analyses. In order to understand the function of figurines in Uğurlu Höyük, this study approaches these objects based on an assessment of their thematic variation, standardization and abstraction, an evaluation of the raw materials, manufacture process and surface treatment, and temporal & spatial analyses of the breakage patterns, find contexts and intra-assemblage relations. Finally, a comparative analysis with figurines from the region is undertaken to examine the relations between these communities and their utilization of similar objects. The results indicate that figurines provided the society of Uğurlu Höyük with a mean of connecting with other people, groups, and ancestors through their fragmentation and distribution, focusing on a part of the settlement associated with intensive pit-digging and occasional mortuary activity. Uğurlu Höyük figurines indicate strong links with Anatolia during late 7th millennium BC; yet in the 6th millennium they provided a medium to relate with other communities in the Northern Aegean through the execution of incised decorative motifs, and with Southern Aegean through their shared forms. Thematically, Uğurlu Höyük figurines cannot be reduced to a simple male-female dichotomy; instead, they were used in the discussion of a variety of issues like identity, affiliation, ancestry, regeneration, and supported a multitude of positions that could be taken.
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H. C. Gemici, “The World of figurines in the neolithic and early chalcolithic North Aegean: the case of Uğurlu Höyük - Gökçeada,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.