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Kurdish Turkish mixed race individuals’ identity construction processes coping strategies and their views on psychotherapy

Ülgen, Pelşin
The main aim of this thesis was to explore identity related experiences of KurdishTurkish mixed race individuals. Also, another aim was to investigate how these experiences influence participants psychological well-being and their attitudes toward psychotherapy and psychotherapist. A qualitative method was used to achieve these purposes. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight participants and they were analyzed through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). As a result, five superordinate themes emerged from the data, which were (1) ethnic identification, (2) factors that influence identity, (3) mixed race difficulties in Turkey, (4) coping strategies, and (5) psychotherapy and mixed race identity. The result rection included these superordinate themes and their subordinate themes with the related quotations from participant’s interviews. In the discussion section themes and their clinical implications were discussed in line with the relevant literature.