Condition based maintenance policies for a critical unit

Kablan, Ercan
This thesis analyses a maintenance optimization problem of a critical unit used in military systems. It is aimed to model the stochastic deterioration behavior of these units and develop some maintenance policies. For this purpose, periodic inspection times which maximize expected time to failure are proposed to be able to provide preventive maintenance before failures. In the scope of this work, resistance measurements from the field are gathered for ten months. First, functions representing the increase in resistance are obtained. Then they are transformed into the deterioration condition of the unit. Then optimal maintenance policies depending on these conditions are found for various objectives using Markov models.


Parameter optimization of chemically activated mortaars containing high volumes of pozzolan by statistical design and analysis of experiments
Aldemir, Başak; Saatçioğlu, Ömer; Department of Industrial Engineering (2006)
This thesis illustrates parameter optimization of early and late compressive strengths of chemically activated mortars containing high volumes of pozzolan by statistical design and analysis of experiments. Four dominant parameters in chemical activation of natural pozzolans are chosen for the research, which are natural pozzolan replacement, amount of pozzolan passing 45 æm sieve, activator dosage and activator type. Response surface methodology has been employed in statistical design and analysis of experi...
Modeling and control of a heated tank system with variable liquid hold-up
Yücel, Tarık; Kıncal, Serkan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2013)
The aim of this thesis study was the modeling and controlling of a heated tank system with variable liquid hold-up. Mathematical model representation of the process was developed using mass and energy balances. Experiments were conducted to obtain the correct model parameters of the process. After obtaining the model parameters, linearized form of the model was developed. Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller parameters are found at different nominal conditions using a Simulink code that estimat...
Multiobjective missile rescheduling problem
Silav, Ahmet; Karasakal, Esra; Karasakal, Orhan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2017)
In this thesis, we address dynamic missile allocation problem for a naval task group (TG). We consider rescheduling of surface to air missiles (SAMs) in response to disturbances during the engagement process where a set of SAMs have already been scheduled to a set of attacking anti-ship missiles (ASMs). To produce an updated schedule, we propose mathematical models that consider efficiency of air defense and stability of the schedule. In the first part of thesis, we present a new biobjective mathematical mo...
Generating motion-economical plans for manual operations
Canan, Özgen; Birtürk, Ayşe Nur; Department of Computer Engineering (2005)
This thesis discusses applying AI planning tools for generating plans for manual operations. Expertise of motion economy domain is used to select good plans among feasible ones. Motion economy is a field of industrial engineering, which deals with observing, reporting and improving manual operations. Motion economy knowledge is organized in principles regarding the sequences and characteristics of motions, arrangement of workspace, design of tools etc. A representation scheme is developed for products, work...
Advanced readout and control electronics for mems gyroscopes
Temiz, Yüksel; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
This thesis reports the development of advanced readout and control electronics for MEMS gyroscopes developed at METU. These gyroscope electronics are separated into three main groups: high sensitive interface circuits, drive mode amplitude controlled self oscillation loops, and sense mode phase sensitive amplitude demodulators. The proposed circuits are first implemented with discrete components, and then integrated on CMOS chips. A self oscillation loop enabling constant amplitude drive mode vibrations in...
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E. Kablan, “Condition based maintenance policies for a critical unit,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.