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Proposed minimum restoring force requirements for seismic isolated structures
Dicleli, Murat; Gorgulu, Ali Gunalp (2021-02-01)
In this research study, a new set of restoring force equations are proposed for seismic isolated structures subjected to far fault ground motions (FFGM) and near fault ground motions (NFGM). For this purpose, 110 FFGM and ...
Damping reduction equation for the equivalent linear analysis of seismic isolated structures subjected to near fault ground motions
Dicleli, Murat; Kara, Emrah (Elsevier BV, 2020-10-01)
In this study, a new damping reduction equation is proposed to obtain reasonable estimates of the actual nonlinear responses of seismic isolated structures (SIS) subjected to near fault ground motions (NFGM) with forward-r...
Effect of the high frequency components of near-fault ground motions on the response of linear and nonlinear SDOF systems: A moving average filtering approach
Yalcin, O. Fatih; Dicleli, Murat (Elsevier BV, 2020-02-01)
In this study, the effect of the high frequency components of near fault ground motions (NFGM) with forward rupture directivity effect (FRDE) on the seismic response of elastic and inelastic SDOF regular (non-isolated) and...
Low-cycle fatigue in steel H-piles of integral bridges; a comparative study of experimental testing and finite element simulation
Karalar, Memduh; Dicleli, Murat (2020-01-10)
Integral abutment bridges (IABs) are those bridges without expansion joints. A single row of steel H-piles (SHPs) is commonly used at the thin and stub abutments of IABs to form a flexible support system at the bridge ends...
Design of seismic isolated bridges in cold climates a case study
Dicleli, Murat; Salem Milani, Ali (null; 2019-10-11)
Performance Of Steel Framed Buildings Equipped With Viscous Fluid Dampers Under Near-Fault Ground Motions With Directivity
Karalar, Memduh; Dicleli, Murat (2019-07-06)
Optimum Properties of Seismic Isolation Systems in Highway Bridges to Minimize Isolator Displacements or Substructure Forces
Dicleli, Murat; Karalar, Memduh (null; 2019-07-06)
In this study, closed form equations as functions of the isolator, bridge and ground motion properties are formulated to calculate the optimum characteristic strength, Qd and post-elastic stiffness, kd, of the isolator to ...
Comparative assessment of the efficiency of seismic isolation for seismic retrofitting of highway bridges in regions of low-to-moderate seismicity
Karalar, Memduh; Dicleli, Murat (null; 2019-07-06)
In this paper, the economical and structural efficiency of friction pendulum bearings (FPB) for retrofitting typical seismically vulnerable bridges in the State of Illinois is studied. For this purpose, a bridge was select...
Performance based design of seismic isolated bridges in cold climates using multi directional torsional hysteretic damper and lubricated flat sliding spherical bearings
Dicleli, Murat; Salem Milani, Ali (null; 2019-07-06)
Economical seismic retrofitting of chevron braced steel frames based on averting brace buckling
Dicleli, Murat; Karalar, Memduh (2019-06-22)
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