Ali İhsan Ünay

Seismic Assessment of Monastery of Stoudios (Imrahor Mosque) in Istanbul
Kucukdogan, Bilge; Kubin, Josef; Ünay, Ali İhsan (2010-10-08)
Monastery of Stoudios, dated back to the reign of Eastern Roman Empire, is known to be the oldest surviving -albeit partially- religious building in Istanbul. During sixteen centuries, the building has been exposed to seve...
Commonly encountered seismic design faults due to the architectural design of residential buildings in Turkey
Özmen, Cengiz; Ünay, Ali İhsan (Elsevier BV, 2007-3)
The 17 August 1999 and 12 November 1999 earthquakes in Western Anatolia provided undesirable field evidence that most of the low story residential reinforced concrete buildings have very poor earthquake resistance. Archite...
Re-characterization of architectural style of reinforced concrete building facades by exterior seismic strengthening
Toker, Saadet; Ünay, Ali İhsan (Elsevier BV, 2006-12-01)
Recent earthquakes in Turkey have shown the poor seismic performance of reinforced concrete residential buildings. This led to widespread utilization of several strengthening methods, each of which is convenient in differe...
Seismic strengthening of historical structures by enfolding steel skeleton
Ormecioglu, H. T.; Ünay, Ali İhsan (2006-08-17)
Strengthening of an existing building consistent with the architectural decisions of the original design, is itself a challenging issue as a post-design intervention. However, the situation becomes more critical when it co...
Exploration of structural chaos and anarchy in Sinan's domed structures
Selcuk, SA; Akan, AE; Ünay, Ali İhsan (2005-10-14)
The master builder Sinan's domed edifices are known as built with structural ingenuity. Remarkable contribution of Sinan to building art and especially to the development of the dome construction is unquestionable as a the...
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