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Social comparison orientation mediates the association between HEXACO and self-presentation
Demir, Sila; Özkan, Türker; DEMİR, BAŞAR (2022-04-01)
Various researchers have investigated the personality correlates of defensive and assertive self-presentation. Yet, only a few studies go beyond the direct relationships and examine the underlying mechanism. The current st...
Driver social desirability scale: A Turkish adaptation and examination in the driving context
Özkan, Özgün; Yılmaz, Şerife; Arslan, Burcu; Lajunen, Timo; Öztürk, İbrahim; Özkan, Türker (2022-01-01)
Self-report data collection methods are widely used techniques to gather information in studies related to road safety. One of the most considerable limitations of self-reports is social desirability bias. One way to overc...
The effect of implementation intention on speeding and acceleration overtime: A simulator study
Tekeş, Burcu; Özkan, Türker (2021-11-01)
Speeding is considered a major risk factor for road safety. In this study, implementation intention, which is a type of cognitive intervention, was designed to reduce speeding. Implementation intentions are self-regulatory...
Masculinity, femininity, and angry drivers: Masculinity and femininity as moderators between driver anger and anger expression style among young drivers
Deniz, Pelin; Özkan, Türker; Gaygısız Lajunen, Esma (2021-10-01)
Driver anger and its expression are among the most studied topics in traffic safety literature. However, the function of gender roles, i.e., masculinity and femininity, in driving anger experience and expression has remain...
Road users’ evaluations and perceptions of road infrastructure, trip characteristics, and daily trip experiences across countries
Solmazer, Gaye; Azık Özkan, Derya; Ersan, Özlem; Kaçan, Bilgesu; Üzümcüoğlu, Yeşim; Fındık, Gizem; Lajunen, Timo; Özkan, Türker; Pashkevich, Anton; Öz, Bahar; Pashkevich, Maria; Danelli-Mylona, Vassiliki; Georgogianni, Dimitra; Berisha Krasniqi, Ema; Krasniqi, Muhamed; Makris, Evangelos; Shubenkova, Ksenia; Xheladini, Gentianë (2021-09-01)
Governments in every country have made attempts to encourage road safety, and road users’ perceptions of these attempts are crucial to understanding community needs and the effectiveness of road safety initiatives. However...
Fighting or Dying for One’s Political Party and Country
Özdemir, Fatih; Özkan, Türker (null; 2021-07-23)
What is the role of narcissism in the relationship between and
Dobrucali, Berfin; Özkan, Türker (2021-02-01)
The contributing factors of aggressive driving have been studying in the last decades. Both impulsivity and narcissism are associated with aggressive driver behaviors. Although the role of these two factors were examined i...
Traffic climate scale: Comparing samples from Turkey and Sweden
Wallén Warner, Henriette; Öztürk, İbrahim; Özkan, Türker (2021-01-01)
Traffic climate is a recent and one of the essential topics in traffic and transportation research. Various studies have examined the relations of traffic climate with driving outcomes such as accidents by using different ...
Investigating driving instructors: The mediating roles of driving skills in the relationship between organizational safety strategies and driver behaviours
Üzümcüoğlu, Yeşim; Öz, Bahar; Özkan, Türker; Lajunen, Timo (Elsevier BV, 2021-01-01)
© 2020 Elsevier LtdThe aim of the present study is to investigate the mediating roles of driving skills in relationship between organizational safety strategies and driver behaviours among driving instructors. Driving skil...
Ekip Kaynak Yönetimi Ve Kontrol Odağı Değişkenlerinin Pilotların Emniyetsiz Davranışları ile İlişkisinin İncelenmesi
SERİN, GİZEM; Özkan, Türker; Öz, Bahar (2020-12-06)
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