Geometrically enhanced morphology-dependent resonances of a dielectric sphere

Demir, Abdullah
Yüce, Emre
Serpengüzel, Ali
Lock, James A.
The effect that geometrical resonances of orbiting internally reflecting rays have on the morphology-dependent resonances of microspheres is investigated heuristically and numerically using generalized Lorenz-Mie theory. Angularly resolved off-axis Gaussian beam elastic scattering spectra are presented. The results obtained show that the elastic scattering intensity of morphology-dependent resonances is noticeably enhanced in the vicinity of the geometrical resonance scattering angles.
Applied Optics


Scalar meson effects in radiative decays of vector mesons
Kerman (Solmaz), Saime; Gökalp, Ahmet; Department of Physics (2003)
The role of scalar mesons in radiative vector meson decays is investigated. The effects of scalar-isoscalar f_{0}(980) and scalar-isovector a_{0}(980) mesons are studied in the mechanism of the radiative Phi->pi{+}pi{-}gamma and phi->pi{0}eta gamma decays, respectively. A phenomenological approach is used to study the radiative phi->pi{+}p{-}gamma decay by considering the contributions of sigma-meson, rho-meson and f_{0}-meson. The interference effects between different contributions are analyzed and the br...
Effective theory of interacting fermions in shaken square optical lattices
Keleş, Ahmet; Liu, W. Vincent (2017-06-01)
We develop a theory of weakly interacting fermionic atoms in shaken optical lattices based on the orbital mixing in the presence of time-periodic modulations. Specifically, we focus on fermionic atoms in a circularly shaken square lattice with near-resonance frequencies, i.e., tuned close to the energy separation between the s band and the p bands. First, we derive a time-independent four-band effective Hamiltonian in the noninteracting limit. Diagonalization of the effective Hamiltonian yields a quasienerg...
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; REKALO, MP (1995-09-01)
Using the general formalism of structure functions (SF's), the polarization effects in the rare radiative decay of polarized b quarks, b --> s gamma g, are analyzed. Parametrizing the matrix element for the decay b --> s gamma g in terms of weak magnetic moments, which describe the transitions b --> s gamma and b --> sg, we find exact expressions for the SF's which are valid for a wide class of models for the FCNC's. We demonstrated that the different asymmetries in this decay are very sensitive to the mode...
Equivariant Reduction of Gauge Theories over Fuzzy Extra Dimensions
Kürkcüoğlu, Seçkin (IOP Publishing, 2012-2-8)
In SU(N) Yang-Mills theories on a manifold M, which are suitably coupled to a set of scalars, fuzzy spheres may be generated as extra dimensions by spontaneous symmetry breaking. This process results in gauge theories over the product space of the manifold M and the fuzzy spheres with smaller gauge groups. Here we present the SU(2)- and SU(2) x SU(2)-equivariant parametrization of U(2) and U(4) gauge fields on S-F(2), and S-F(2), x S-F(2), respectively and outline the dimensional reduction of these theories...
Dual metrics and nongeneric supersymmetries for a class of Siklos space-times
Baleanu, D; Baskal, S (2002-10-20)
The presence of Killing-Yano tensors implies the existence of nongeneric supercharges in spinning point particle theories on curved backgrounds. Dual metrics axe defined through their associated nondegenerate Killing tensors of valence two. Siklos space-times, which are the only nontrivial Einstein spares conformal to nonflat pp-waves are investigated with regard to the existence of their corresponding Killing and Killing-Yano, tensors. It is found that a class of Siklos space-times admit dual metrics and n...
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A. Demir, E. Yüce, A. Serpengüzel, and J. A. Lock, “Geometrically enhanced morphology-dependent resonances of a dielectric sphere,” Applied Optics, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: