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Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Effect of stenosis shape on the sound emitted from a constricted blood vessel
Ozden, Kamil; Sert, Cüneyt; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-01)
Effect of stenosis shape on the post-stenotic pressure fluctuations and the sound emitted from a constricted blood vessel is studied numerically. Large eddy simulations are performed using OpenFOAM under pulsatile flow con...
Numerical investigation of wall pressure fluctuations downstream of concentric and eccentric blunt stenosis models
Ozden, Kamil; Sert, Cüneyt; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit (SAGE Publications, 2020-01-01)
Pressure fluctuations that cause acoustic radiation from vessel models with concentric and eccentric blunt stenoses are investigated. Large eddy simulations of non-pulsatile flow condition are performed using OpenFOAM. Cal...
Optimization of Joule-Thomson cryocooler heat exchanger using one-dimensional numerical modeling
Baki, Murat; Okutucu-Özyurt, Tuba; Sert, Cüneyt (Elsevier BV, 2019-12-01)
Steady state operation of the heat exchanger of a Joule-Thomson cryocooler is studied numerically through a one-dimensional model. Argon is used as the working fluid. The developed model is first verified using a cooler co...
Large Eddy Simulation of Blood Flow Inside Vessels for Acoustic Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis
Sert, Cüneyt; Yazıcıoğlu, Yiğit; Özden, Kamil (2018-10-20)
Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular disease, in which plaque builds up inside a blood vessel, narrowing it down and forming a stenosis that adversely affects flow. Because of the constriction, turbulent flow occurs at the ...
Use of artificial neural networks for the prediction of time-dependent air speed variation in metro stations
KOC, Gencer; Sert, Cüneyt; Albayrak, Kahraman (2018-09-01)
In this study, the time-dependent, induced air speeds at critical sections of underground metro stations are assessed using a novel one-dimensional data-driven approach. For this purpose, three artificial neural networks a...
Simplified Numerical Approach for the Prediction of Aerodynamic Forces on Grid Fins
DIKBAS, Erdem; Baran, Özgür Uğraş; Sert, Cüneyt (2018-07-01)
Grid fins are unconventional control devices used for aerodynamic control of various types of missiles. Low hinge moment requirement and superior packaging potential make grid fins attractive alternatives to conventional p...
Effects of optical design modifications on thermal performance of a highly reflective HfO2/SiO2/TiO2 three material coating
OCAK, M.; Sert, Cüneyt; Okutucu-Ozyurt, T. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-02-01)
Effects of layer thickness modifications on laser induced temperature distribution inside three material, highly reflective thin film coatings are studied with numerical simulations. As a base design, a 21 layer coating co...
An adaptive fully discontinuous Galerkin level set method for incompressible multiphase flows
KARAKUS, Ali; WARBURTON, Tim; AKSEL, MEHMET HALUK; Sert, Cüneyt (Emerald, 2018-01-01)
Purpose This study aims to focus on the development of a high-order discontinuous Galerkin method for the solution of unsteady, incompressible, multiphase flows with level set interface formulation.
Tracking free surface and estimating sloshing force using image processing
Tosun, Ufuk; AGHAZADEH, Reza; Sert, Cüneyt; Ozer, Mehmet Bulent (2017-11-01)
Ultrasonic level sensors are commonly used to measure the motion of the free surface in fluid sloshing. They are used to measure the elevation of the free surface at a single point. The sloshing forces are generally measur...
Kriyojenik bir Soğutucunun Alt Parçası Olan, Ters Akışlı, Reküperatif, Helisel Sarımlı Kılcal Boru Isı Değiştiricinin Sayısal Modelinin Oluşturulması
Murat, Baki; Okutucu Özyurt, Hanife Tuba; Sert, Cüneyt (2017-09-16)
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