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Graduate School of Informatics
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Neural correlates of metacontrast masking across different contrast polarities
Aydın, Alaz; Kafaligonul, Hulusi (2021-03-01)
Metacontrast masking is a powerful illusion to investigate the dynamics of perceptual processing and to control conscious visual perception. However, the neural mechanisms underlying this fundamental investigative tool are...
The optomotor response of aging zebrafish reveals a complex relationship between visual motion characteristics and cholinergic system
Karaduman, Aysenur; Karoglu-Eravsar, Elif Tugce; Kaya, Utku; Aydın, Alaz; Adams, Michelle M.; Kafaligonul, Hulusi (2021-02-01)
Understanding the principles underlying age-related changes in motion perception is paramount for improving the quality of life and health of older adults. However, the mechanisms underlying age-related alterations in this...
Assessment of acoustical characteristics for historical baths (hammams)
Aydın, Alaz; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Çalışkan, Mutlu (null; 2008-12-01)
Comprehensive studies are necessary to better understand the original acoustical characteristics of historical baths (hamams) in order to discover the historical technologies establishing good acoustical performance in the...
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