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Department of Mining Engineering
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Effects of abandoned coal mine on the water quality
Tozsin, Gülşen; Arol, Ali İhsan; Duzgun, Sebnem; Soydan, Hilal; Torun, Abdulvahit (2022-02-01)
Improving effective strategies to control acid mine drainage (AMD) in abandoned mine areas is a significant challenge because of water quality issues. AMD is a serious water pollution problem. The water in the area where t...
Preliminary assessment of spray coating, solution-immersion and dip coating to render minerals superhydrophobic
Camalan, Mahmut; Arol, Ali İhsan (2022-01-01)
Achieving hydrophobic surfaces on mineral particles is an active research topic in mineral processing. The conventional technique for achieving good hydrophobicity is to mix mineral particles in solutions of organic salts ...
Washability and Thermal Properties of Oltutaşı Wastes
Bawani, Muhammad Raheel; Arol, Ali İhsan; Tozsin, Gülşen; Akbulak, Bora; Torun, Abdülvahit (null; 2019-11-02)
Oltutaşı (Jet Stone), also known as black amber, is a fossilized, organic and natural material formed as a result of the transformation of certain trees under high pressure. It is called Oltutaşı because its occurrences ar...
Sivrikaya, Osman; Arol, Ali İhsan (null; 2019-05-26)
Küçültülmüş Tambur Testi ile Demir Cevheri Peletleri Aşınma Dayanımı Belirlenmesi
Sivrikaya, Osman; Arol, Ali İhsan (null; 2019-04-19)
The tumbling-abrasion indices of iron ore pellets are measured according to instructions in ASTM E279- 97 (2010). This test measures the resistance of the product pellets under certain abrasive condition in a standard test...
Use of Solid Bowl Decanter as Mineral Concentration Device
Bawani, Mohammed Raheel; Arol, Ali İhsan (2018-10-25)
Thermal Investigation of Some Potential Binders for Iron Ore Pelletizing
Sivrikaya, Osman; Arol, Ali İhsan (null; 2018-10-25)
33. İş Mahkemesi'ne Bilirkişi Heyeti Raporu
Demirel, Nuray; Arol, Ali İhsan (2018-09-01)
Bilirkişi Kurulu Raporu
Arol, Ali İhsan; Erkal, Oğuz Rıza (2018-08-01)
Bilirkiş Raporu
Arol, Ali İhsan; Karpuz, Celal (2018-03-01)
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