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Automated question generation and question answering from Turkish texts using text-to-text transformers
Akyön, Fatih Çağatay; Çavuşoğlu, Devrim; Cengiz, Cemil; Altınuç, Sinan Onur; Temizel, Alptekin (2022-05-01)
Evaluation of Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Mayo Score with Artificial Intelligence
Kani, Haluk Tarık; Ergenç, İlkay; Polat, Görkem; Özen Alahdab, Yeşim; Temizel, Alptekin; Atuğ, Özlen (2022-04-01)
A Machine Learning Ensembling Approach to Predicting Transfer Values
Aydemir, Ayşe Elvan; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Temizel, Alptekin (2022-03-01)
Evaluation and Analysis of Different Aggregation and Hyperparameter Selection Methods for Federated Brain Tumor Segmentation
Polat, Görkem; Işık Polat, Ece; Koçyiğit, Altan; Temizel, Alptekin (2021-9-27)
Availability of large, diverse, and multi-national datasets is crucial for the development of effective and clinically applicable AI systems in the medical imaging domain. However, forming a global model by bringing these ...
A Dimension Reduction Approach to Player Rankings in European Football
Aydemir, Ayşe Elvan; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Temizel, Alptekin; Preshlenov, Kliment; Strahinov, Daniel (2021-08-24)
Player performance evaluation is a challenging problem with multiple dimensions. Football (soccer) is the largest sports industry in terms of monetary value and it is paramount that teams can assess the performance of play...
GPU accelerated 3DES encryption
Altınok, Kaan Furkan; Peker, Afşin; Tezcan, Cihangir; Temizel, Alptekin (2021-07-01)
Triple DES (3DES) is a NIST and ISO/IEC standard block cipher that is also used in some web browsers and several electronic payment applications. We propose an optimized bit-level parallelization of 3DES for GPU accelerate...
Deep learning for detection and segmentation of artefact and disease instances in gastrointestinal endoscopy
Ali, Sharib; et. al. (2021-05-01)
The Endoscopy Computer Vision Challenge (EndoCV) is a crowd-sourcing initiative to address eminent problems in developing reliable computer aided detection and diagnosis endoscopy systems and suggest a pathway for clinical...
Evaluation of Endoscopic Mayo Score with an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
Kani, Haluk Tarık; Ergenç, İlkay; Polat, Görkem; Özen Alahdab, Yeşim; Temizel, Alptekin; Atuğ, Özlen (2021-05-01)
Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Images using Deep Learning and Bootstrap Aggregation
Polat, Görkem; Işık Polat, Ece; Kayabay, Kerem; Temizel, Alptekin (2021-4-13)
Computer-aided polyp detection is playing an increasingly more important role in the colonoscopy procedure. Although many methods have been proposed to tackle the polyp detection problem, their out-of-distribution test res...
LPMNet: Latent Part Modification and Generation for 3D Point Clouds
Öngün, Cihan; Temizel, Alptekin (2021-03-01)
In this paper, we focus on latent modification and generation of 3D point cloud object models with respect to their semantic parts. Different to the existing methods which use separate networks for part generation and asse...
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