Improvement of modrob-C to eliminate steering and positioning problems

Aydemir, Mete


Improvement of radar detection by doppler pattern matching
Çelebi, Duygu; Severcan, Mete; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
In this thesis, improvement of Cell Averaging Constant False Alarm Rate (CA CFAR) radar processors is studied. A new improvement method is proposed that will reduce probability of false alarm while keeping probability of detection at good values. This method makes use of Doppler spreading patterns that appear after Doppler processing. Therefore this method is called Doppler Pattern Matching (DPM). Performance of the algorithm has been investigated by Monte Carlo simulations. In order to evaluate the perform...
Improvement of a household microwave oven for continuous temperature and weight measurements during microwave drying
Ökmen Karasoy, Zinet Aytanga; Bayındırlı, Levent; Department of Food Engineering (1998)
Improvement of multiband absorption with different technics (graphene, ito, and hole) for metamaterial absorber at optical frequencies
Mulla, Batuhan; Sabah, Cumali (2018-10-01)
Three absorption improvement techniques are numerically applied to a multiband metamaterial absorber design for solar energy harvesting. These techniques are the following: the reshaping of the back metallic plate, the integrating of graphene sheets, and the utilizing of indium tin oxide (ITO), in the design. Based on numerical simulation results, each of these methods has the capacity to enhance total absorption rates. In addition to the enhancement in the total absorption rates, new absorption peaks are a...
Improvement of an image processing system for autonomous mobile robot navigation
Çetin, Onur Lütfi; Erden, Abdülkadir; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2000)
Improvement of Transform-Skip Mode in Lossy Intra Coding with 3-Tap Filters
Alvar, Saeed Ranjbar; Kamışlı, Fatih (2016-08-05)
Using transforms in video coding is an effective method in reducing the spatial redundancy. However, for some cases applying transforms does not reduce the spatial redundancy. For these cases, transforms are skipped and the prediction error is directly quantized and then entropy coded. To further reduce the spatial redundancy in the transform skipped blocks, a pixel-by-pixel lossy intra prediction method based on a two dimensional correlation model is proposed in this paper. In the proposed method, three re...
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M. Aydemir, “Improvement of modrob-C to eliminate steering and positioning problems,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.