Cemal Can Bilgin

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Variable kinship patterns in Neolithic Anatolia revealed by ancient genomes
Yaka, Reyhan; et. al. (2021-06-01)
Connecting the data landscape of long-term ecological studies: The SPI-Birds data hub
Culina, Antica; et. al. (Wiley, 2020-12-01)
The integration and synthesis of the data in different areas of science is drastically slowed and hindered by a lack of standards and networking programmes. Long-term studies of individually marked animals are not an excep...
Species level classification of Mediterranean sparse forests-maquis formations using Sentinel-2 imagery
Caglayan, Semiha Demirbas; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Ginzler, Christian; Psomas, Achilleas; Zeydanlı, Uğur Siyami; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Waser, Lars T. (2020-07-01)
Essential forest ecosystem services can be assessed by better understanding the diversity of vegetation, specifically those of Mediterranean region. A species level classification of maquis would be useful in understanding...
Climate Change Prompts Monitoring and Systematic Utilization of Honey Bee Diversity in Turkey
Kükrer, Mert; Bilgin, Cemal Can (2020-07-01)
Song overlapping, noise, and territorial aggression in great tits
Akcay, Caglar; Porsuk, Y. Kagan; Avsar, Alican; Cabuk, Dilan; Bilgin, Cemal Can (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020-05-01)
Communication often happens in noisy environments where interference from the ambient noise and other signalers may reduce the effectiveness of signals which may lead to more conflict between interacting individuals. Signa...
Unsustainable harvest of water frogs in southern Turkey for the European market
Çiçek, Kerim; Ayaz, Dinçer; Afsar, Murat; Bayrakcl, Yusuf; Pekşen, Çigdem Akln; Cumhuriyet, Oguzkan; Ismail, Ilhan Bayram; Yenmiş, Melodi; Üstündag, Erdal; Tok, Cemal Varol; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Akçakaya, H. Reşit (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2020-01-01)
Frogs have been harvested from the wild for the last 40 years in Turkey. We analysed the population dynamics of Anatolian water frogs (Pelophylax spp.) in the Seyhan and Ceyhan Deltas during 2013–2015. We marked a total of...
Genetic diversity is retained in a bottlenecked Cinereous Vulture population in Turkey
Çakmak, Emel; Akin Pekşen, Çİğdem; Kİrazli, Cİhangİr; Yamaç, Elİf; Bensch, Staffan; Bilgin, Cemal Can (Wiley, 2019-10-01)
Vulture populations worldwide have suffered precipitous declines in recent decades. The Cinereous Vulture Aegypius monachus, a highly philopatric scavenger distributed across southern Europe and the central Asian plateau, ...
Genetic structure – geography relations of honeybee subspecies in Turkey: a survey and a test of niche overlap
Kükrer, Mert; Turak, Ayşe; Bilgin, Cemal Can (null; 2019-08-01)
Phylogeography of Turkish Honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) Based on mtDNA Sequences
Çelikgil, Atila; Kükrer, Mert; Bilgin, Cemal Can (null; 2019-07-09)
There are 26 recognized subspecies of honeybees throughout the world and 5 of them are distributed in Turkey. Due to the migratory beekeepers and queen trade practices in addition to other anthropogenic factors, population...
Mapping Compositional Diversity in Mediterranean Sparse Forests Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
Demirbaş Çağlayan, Semiha; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Waser, Lars; Psomas, Achilleas; Ginzler, Christian (null; 2019-07-05)
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