Cemile Nil Uzun

Department of City and Regional Planning
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Housing in Turkey: Policy, Planning, Practice
Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; Aksoy Khurami, Esma; Uzun, Cemile Nil (Routledge, London/New York , 2022-03-01)
This book presents the major features of the path that Turkish housing system has followed since 2000. Its primary focus is to build an understanding of housing in Turkey from the policy, planning, and implementation persp...
Kentte Seçkinleştirmenin İstanbul Halleri
Uzun, Cemile Nil (Nika Yayınevi, 2022-01-01)
Housing Policies in Turkey: Paving the Way for Urban Transformation
Uzun, Cemile Nil (Routledge, 2022-01-01)
Urban Transformation Policies of the 21st Century: State-Led Gentrification
Uzun, Cemile Nil (Routledge, 2022-01-01)
Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; AKSOY KHURAMİ, ESMA; Uzun, Cemile Nil (Routledge, 2022-01-01)
Residential transformation leading to gentrification : cases from İstanbul
Uzun, Cemile Nil (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2020-04-01)
Many cities in Turkey are facing the problems of a “transforming” city instead of a “growing” city since the 1980s. Planners and policy-makers are dealing with the impact of changes in residential areas. In Istanbul, gentr...
Uzun, Cemile Nil; Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; Babalık, Ela (2019-03-01)
Urban and Regional Planning in Turkey
Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; Uzun, Cemile Nil (Springer, London/Berlin , 2019-01-01)
This book presents an overview of urban and regional planning in Turkey. It discusses the fundamental topics and contemporary issues in the field. The book is organized in two parts and it includes 14 chapters. Chapter 1 i...
Urban and Regional Planning in Turkey
Özdemir Sarı, Özgül Burcu; Özdemir, Suna Senem; Uzun, Cemile Nil (2019-01-01)
Transformation in Residential Areas: Regeneration or Redevelopment?
Uzun, Cemile Nil (Springer, London/Berlin , 2019-01-01)
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