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Speech Driven Gaze in a Face-to-Face Interaction
Arslan Aydin, Ulku; Kalkan, Sinan; Acartürk, Cengiz (2021-03-01)
Gaze and language are major pillars in multimodal communication. Gaze is a non-verbal mechanism that conveys crucial social signals in face-to-face conversation. However, compared to language, gaze has been less studied as...
Gaze Aversion In Conversational Settings: An Investigation Based On Mock Job Interview
Acartürk, Cengiz; Indurkya, Bipin; Nawrocki, Piotr; Sniezynski, Bartlomiej; Jarosz, Mateusz; Usal, Kerem Alp (2021-01-01)
© 2021. Journal of Eye Movement Research All Rights Reserved.We report the results of an empirical study on gaze aversion during dyadic human-to-human conversation in an interview setting. To address various methodological...
Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection by Machine Learning: A Case Study on Probing Attacks to an Institutional Network
Tufan, Emrah; Tezcan, Cihangir; Acartürk, Cengiz (2021-01-01)
Cyber attacks constitute a significant threat to organizations with implications ranging from economic, reputational, and legal consequences. As cybercriminals' techniques get sophisticated, information security profession...
The Role of Visual Features in Text-Based CAPTCHAs: An fNIRS Study for Usable Security
Mülazimoǧlu, Emre; Çakır, Murat Perit; Acartürk, Cengiz (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Emre Mülazimoǧlu et al.To mitigate dictionary attacks or similar undesirable automated attacks to information systems, developers mostly prefer using CAPTCHA challenges as Human Interactive Proofs (HIPs) to distingu...
Automatic detection of cyber security events from turkish twitter stream and newspaper data
Ural, Özgür; Acartürk, Cengiz (2021-01-01)
Copyright © 2021 by SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reservedCybersecurity experts scan the internet and face security events that influence user and institutions. An information security a...
Continuous improvement on maturity and capability of Security Operation Centres
Acartürk, Cengiz; ULUBAY, MURAT; Erdur, Efe (2020-12-01)
This study addresses maturity and capability assessment of Security Operation Centres (SOC). It aims to contribute to continuous improvement for SOCs by proposing a complementary methodology that provides SOCs a self-asses...
The use and acceptance of ICT by senior citizens: a comparison of technology acceptance model (TAM) for elderly and young adults
Guner, Hacer; Acartürk, Cengiz (2020-06-01)
To become an information society, it is required that the citizens have access to information and communication technologies (ICT) in appropriate ways. ICT plays a major role to improve inclusion of various parts of the so...
The role of gaze as a deictic cue in human robot interaction
Yılmaz, Efecan; Fal, Mehmetcan; Acartürk, Cengiz (2020-01-01)
© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020.Gaze has a major role in social interaction. As a deictic reference, gaze aims at attracting visual attention of a communication partner to a referred entity in the environment. Gaze d...
Towards a Multimodal Model of Cognitive Workload Through Synchronous Optical Brain Imaging and Eye Tracking Measures
Isbilir, Erdinc; Çakır, Murat Perit; Acartürk, Cengiz; Tekerek, Ali Simsek (2019-10-23)
Recent advances in neuroimaging technologies have rendered multimodal analysis of operators' cognitive processes in complex task settings and environments increasingly more practical. In this exploratory study, we utilized...
Multi-authoring and its impact on university rankings: a case study of CERN effect on Turkish universities
Çakır, Murat Perit; Acartürk, Cengiz; Alkan, Serkan; Akbulut, Ural (2019-06-03)
Multi-authoring has been gaining popularity since the foundation of academic publishers. Today we observe a global trend in favor of multi-authoring. On the other hand, in certain domains, such as CERN collaborations in ph...
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