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Institutional maintenance of e-commerce through traditional retail
Geyik, Bahtiyar Onur; Topal, Çağrı (2020-07-01)
This study analyzes the process of opening traditional, physical retail stores by e-commerce companies as institutional work of maintenance. Past research examines internal mechanisms used to maintain institutions and igno...
Coexistence of continuity and change in institutional work
Topal, Çağrı (Emerald, 2020-01-01)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to answer the question of how continuity and change coexist in the work of institutional actors who can combine maintenance, disruption and/or creation. Past studies mention this coexis...
Relative Risk Construction Through A Risk Boundary And Set Of Risk Rituals
Topal, Çağrı; Topal, Çağatay; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut (null, Routledge, 2019-01-01)
This study looks into the question of how or through what mechanisms social, political, and economic contexts shape social actors’ risk meanings regarding an organizational activity. Organizational risk research shows the ...
Soma’da madencilerin risk anlamlandırmalarında kurumsal ve yerel bilginin üretim dinamikleri
Topal, Çağatay; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Topal, Çağrı (Mülkiyeliler Birliği Genel Merkezi, 2018-10-01)
This study examines how miners use different sets of social knowledge to make sense of the risks in the mine where the 301 miners lost their lives in Soma on May 13, 2014, and to deal with similar ongoing risks. The study ...
Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance
Topal, Çağrı (2018-06-01)
Soma da Madencilerin Risk Anlamlandırmaları: Kurumsal ve Yerel Bilgi Kullanımı
Topal, Çağatay; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Topal, Çağrı (2017-12-01)
Madencilikte riskin bireyselleşmesi: geçinmek ve sendikalaşmak
Topal, Çağrı (null; 2016-12-01)
Intergenerational succession and family business innovation Case of machinery manufacturing sector in Ankara
Akçomak, İbrahim Semih; Barut, Merve Gül; Topal, Çağrı (2016-09-09)
Soma’da görece risk anlamlandırma süreci ve risk yönetimi
Topal, Çağrı; Topal, Çağatay; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut (2016-05-29)
Individualization of risks through cultural boundaries
Topal, Çağrı; Gephart, Robert (2015-07-04)
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