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Department of Foreign Language Education
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Julian Barnes'ın Zamanın Gürültüsü Adlı Romanında Duygulanımsal Bir Gerçeklik Olarak Korku
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2019-12-02)
Bu çalışmanın amacı Julian Barnes’ın Zamanın Gürültüsü (The Noise of Time) adlı romanını Brian Massumi’nin korkuyu duygulanımsal bir gerçeklik olarak kavramsallaştırdığı afekt kuramı çerçevesinden incelemektir. Massumi’y...
Entanglement of the Domestic and the Global: A View of Globalization from Below in Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019-12-01)
Writing Rhys: Caryl Phillips’s A View of the Empire at Sunset
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2019-04-24)
Shifting Limits of Tolerance and Belonging in Andrea Levy s Fiction: An Encounter with the Refugee in Loose Change
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2018-12-01)
A Rhetorical Narratological Approach to the Treatment of Crime and Criminals in Great Expectations
NAZLİ, ELZEM; Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2018-06-01)
This paper aims to present a rhetorical narratological analysis of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations (1861) with a specific focus on the issue of crime and the figure of the criminal. There are many studies pointing out...
The refugee as a marker of the limits of tolerance and belonging in Andrea Levy s loose change
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2018-05-26)
Sentimental Discipline - A Narratological Analysis of Susan Warner s The Wide Wide World
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2017-12-01)
The narrative strategies that Susan Warner uses in her evangelical, sentimental novel The Wide, Wide World (1850) to develop sympathy in the reader have mainly been analyzed at the level of the “story” whereas the role the...
Playing Bad for White Ears A Study of the Narratee in Andrea Levy s The Long Song
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2017-01-01)
B/Orders of the Eye: Colonial Voyeurism and Fetishism in Caryl Phillips’s Cambridge
Öztabak Avcı, Elif ( Peter Lang, 2017-01-01)
“Surprised and Dazzled with the Beauty of the Sultan’s Capital”: Depoliticization and Dehistoricization of Culture in Demetra Vaka-Brown’s Haremlik: Some Pages from the Life of Turkish Women
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2017-01-01)
n this paper, Demetra Vaka-Brown’s representation of “Turkish women” in her personal narrative, Haremlik (1909), after her re-encounter with them at the beginning of the twentieth century will be explored. It will be argue...
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