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MiSTA: An Age-Optimized Slotted ALOHA Protocol
Ahmetoglu, Mutlu; Yavascan, Orhan Tahir; Uysal, Elif (2022-09-01)
We introduce minislotted threshold ALOHA (MiSTA), a slotted ALOHA modification designed to minimize the network-wide time average Age of Information (AoI). In MiSTA, sources whose ages are below a certain threshold stay si...
Semantic Communications in Networked Systems: A Data Significance Perspective
Uysal, Elif; KAYA, ONUR; Ephremides, Anthony; Gross, James; Codreanu, Marian; Popovski, Petar; Assaad, Mohamad; Liva, Gianluigi; Munari, Andrea; Soret, Beatriz; Soleymani, Touraj; Johansson, Karl Henrik (2022-7-01)
We present our vision for a departure from the established way of architecting and assessing communication networks, by incorporating the semantics of information, defined not necessarily as the meaning of the messages, bu...
Implementation and Evaluation of Age-Aware Downlink Scheduling Policies in Push-Based and Pull-Based Communication
Oğuz, Tahir Kerem; Ceran Arslan, Elif Tuğçe; Uysal, Elif; Girici, Tolga (2022-5-01)
As communication systems evolve to better cater to the needs of machine-type applications such as remote monitoring and networked control, advanced perspectives are required for the design of link layer protocols. The age ...
An Inequality for Query Age of Information and Age of Information Sorgu Ani Bilgi Yaşi (QAoI) ve Ortalama Bilgi Yaşi (AoI) Arasinda bir Eşitsizlik
Ildiz, M. Emrullah; Avsar, Semanur; Uysal, Elif (2022-01-01)
We study a status update system where a destination node requests from a source node to submit update packets to a channel. The update packets incur a constant transmission delay in the channel. The update packets sent fro...
Query Age of Information: Optimizing AoI at the Right Time
Ildiz, M. Emrullah; Yavascan, Orhan T.; Uysal, Elif; Kartal, O. Tugberk (2022-01-01)
This paper is eligible for the Jack Keil Wolf ISIT Student Paper Award. We study a communication system in which a source node is to send status updates over a channel to a remote destination. The update packets will be re...
Analysis of Threshold ALOHA in a Packet Erasure Channel Paket Silme Kanalinda Yaş Eşikli ALOHA Analizi
Yavascan, Orhan T.; Uysal, Elif (2022-01-01)
In this paper, the information freshness of an age aware slotted ALOHA variant called threshold ALOHA is studied in a packet erasure channel model. In threshold ALOHA, end users wait for some time after a successful transm...
When to Pull Data for Minimum Age Penalty
Yavascan, Orhan T.; Ceran Arslan, Elif Tuğçe; Cakir, Zeynep; Uysal, Elif; Kaya, Onur (2021-10-18)
© 2021 IFIP.A communication receiver that wants to pull data from a remote sensor by exploiting wireless energy transfer is considered. The receiver has a long-term average energy budget for this operation, and its goal is...
Information Freshness in Random Access Channels for IoT Systems
Munari, Andrea; Uysal, Elif (2021-09-20)
This paper introduces and discusses some recent advances in the field of information freshness for Internet of things (IoT) applications. Focusing on a setup in which a large number of transmitters share a common wireless ...
Evaluation of Age Control Protocol (ACP) and ACP+ on ESP32
Guloglu, Umut; Baghaee, Sajjad; Uysal, Elif (2021-09-06)
Age Control Protocol (ACP) and its enhanced version, ACP+, are recently proposed transport layer protocols to control Age of Information of data flows. This study presents an experimental evaluation of ACP and ACP+ on the ...
MiSTA: Threshold-ALOHA with Mini Slots
Ahmetoğlu, Mutlu; Yavaşcan, Orhan Tahir; Uysal, Elif (2021-05-28)
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