Olive oil plant.

Arvay, Erol


Corn Bread Yogurt and Honey Living in Camili
Teksöz, Gaye; Lise, Yıldıray (UNESCO TÜRKİYE, 2016-01-01)
Olive oil value-chain dynamics: the Turkish olive oil industry case
Balkan, B. Atamer; Meral, S. (2016-10-14)
Turkey is one of the five largest olive oil producers in the world; the country satisfies domestic demand to its fullest extent, and also exports olive oil to several countries. Despite this positive outlook, discontent among relevant stakeholders in the olive oil value chain indicates that regulatory decisions in the industry need to be revised and improved. The value of olive oil has a much more complicated structure than a standard mere summation of costs and profit margins. The need to explain analytica...
Sesame seed as an alternative plant protein source: A comprehensive physicochemical characterisation study for alkaline, salt and enzyme-assisted extracted samples
Mazi, Bekir Gokcen; Köysüren, Begüm; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2021-01-01)
Sesame seed is mostly utilised for its oil but also the waste of the oil processing; the seed meal has also significant potential to be used as an alternative protein source. In this study, the goal is to produce sesame seed protein by using three different techniques; alkaline, salt and enzyme-assisted extraction. A comprehensive physicochemical characterisation of the extracts was performed. Total and soluble protein contents, emulsification activity & emulsion stability, FTIR spectroscopy, hydration beha...
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market for Ankara.
Akdamar, Cem; Department of Architecture (1966)
Silk production process in Bursa.
Akdiş (Akay), Rana; Department of Regional Planning (1983)
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E. Arvay, “Olive oil plant.,” Middle East Technical University, 1965.