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Gülizar Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu

Department of Civil Engineering
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Ortalama Su Seviyesi Değişimlerinin Taş Dolgu Kıyı Koruma Yapılarının Tasarımına ve Performansına Etkisi
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Baykal, Cüneyt; Güler, Hasan Gökhan (Teknik Dergi, 2020-05-01)
<p><span style="color: rgb(17, 17, 17); font-family: Roboto, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">&nbsp;Gel-git, mevsimsel değişiklikler, dalga kabarması/alçalması, fırtına kabarması ve küresel ısınmaya bağlı su seviyesi d...
Stilling wave basins for overtopping reduction at an urban vertical seawall - The Kordon seawall at Izmir
Kisacik, Dogan; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Baykal, Cüneyt (Elsevier BV, 2019-08-01)
Reduction of wave overtopping at urban coastal structures is a significant concern as uncontrolled flooding, and the wave forces disrupt the daily flow of the urban life causing damage to people, structures and economy. Ho...
Şekil Değiştirebilir Basamak Tipi Dalgakıranların Performansı Üzerine Örnek Bir Uygulama, Ordu-Giresun Havaalanı, Türkiye
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Baykal, Cüneyt; Bezazoğlu, Semih; Atak, Doğukan; Ergin, Ayşen; Güler, Işıkhan (2018-12-30)
In this study, the stability and serviceability (wave overtopping) of hardly-reshaping berm breakwater of Ordu-Giresun International Airport and four alternative cross-sections of fully- and partly-reshaping berm breakwate...
Harbor Agitation Due To Offshore Ship Waves Using Swash: A Case Study Of Kumkapi Yacht Park, Istanbul
Baykal, Cüneyt; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; IŞIK, EMRECAN (2018-08-03)
This study presents the results of a numerical modeling study on the harbor agitation in case of offshore ship waves using SWASH (acronym for Simulating WAves till SHore), a numerical model developed for the simulating uns...
Hydrodynamic Conditions in Front of a Vertical Wall with an Overhanging Horizontal Cantilever Slab
KISACIK, DOĞAN; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Troch, Peter (2017-12-01)
Transforming wave heights from offshore to the shoreline is the first step of any coastal engineering work. Wave breaking is analyzed to understand hydrodynamic conditions. For vertical breakwaters and sea walls, wave refl...
Risk Assessment and Design of Prevention Structures for Enhanced Tsunami Disaster Resilience (RAPSODI)/Euro-Japan Collaboration
Harbitz, C. B.; Nakamura, Y.; Arikawa, T.; Baykal, Cüneyt; Dogan, G. G.; Frauenfelder, R.; Glimsdal, S.; GÜLER, HASAN GÖKHAN; Issler, D.; Kaiser, G.; Kanoğlu, Utku; KISACIK, DOĞAN; Kortenhaus, A.; Lovholt, F.; Maruyama, Y.; Sassa, S.; Sharghivand, N.; Strusinska-Correia, A.; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; et.al. (2016-12-01)
The 2011 Tohoku event showed the massive destruction potential of tsunamis. The Euro-Japan "Risk assessment and design of prevention structures for enhanced tsunami disaster resilience (RAPSODI)" project aimed at using dat...
Wave-induced uprush jet velocity on a vertical structure
KISACIK, DOĞAN; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Troch, Peter (2016-11-15)
A vertical wall with an overhanging horizontal cantilever slab was tested in a small-scale test setup (with a scale of 1:20) under wave impact (impulsive) loads. A single breaking wave creates two distinct sequential impac...
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Boero, Ferdinando; Foglini, Federica; Fraschetti, Simona; Goriup, Paul; Macpherson, Enrique; Planes, Serge; Soukissian, Takvor; Adiloğlu, Barış; Gween, Cristens; Delahaye, Catherine; Gregory, Ignace; Jacques, Sophie; Velkova, Stanislava; Kontogianni, Areti; Tourkolias, Christos; Kollaras, Aggelos; Damigos, Dimitris; Skourtos, Michalis; et.al. (2016-01-01)
This volume contains the main results of the EC FP7 "The Ocean of Tomorrow" Project CoCoNet, divided in two sections: 1) a set of guidelines to design networks of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean and the Black S...
Improving Coastal Vulnerability Assessments to Sea-Level Rise: A New Indicator-Based Methodology for Decision Makers
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Ergin, Ayşen (2010-03-01)
Integration of impacts of sea-level rise to coastal zone management practices are performed through coastal vulnerability assessments. Out of the types of vulnerability assessments, a proposed model demonstrated that relat...
Application of Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Model to Selected Coastal Areas of Turkey
Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Ergin, Ayşen (2009-01-01)
Climate change and anticipated impacts of sea level rise such as increased coastal erosion, inundation, flooding due to storm surges and salt water intrusion to freshwater resources will affect all countries but mostly sma...