Hatice Gonca Bulur

Department of Business Administration
A quantitative investigation of students' attitudes towards electronic book technology
Bulur, Hatice Gonca (SAGE Publications, 2020-09-01)
The purpose of this study is to analyse the factors that have an impact on technology adoption for e-books utilizing the Analytic Hierarchy Process and Multiple Regression Analysis methods. Findings indicate that perceived...
Electronic books: How are they adopted?
Bulur, Hatice Gonca (null; 2017-05-22)
Elektronik kitap teknolojisinin kabulünü etkileyen faktörlerin araştırılması
Bulur, Hatice Gonca (null; 2017-03-10)
Simulation of locating buried objects via fringe pattern-based measurements in an optical fiber sensor-integrated continuous-wave ground-penetrating radar system
ŞAHİN, ASAF BEHZAT; Bulur, Hatice Gonca (2015-01-01)
A new ground-penetrating radar system that can determine the depth and position of a buried metal cylinder, which is the combination of an optical fiber sensor (OFS), continuous-wave transmitter, and optical communication ...
Determination of depth and position of buried objects with optical fiber sensor integrated ground penetrating radar
Bulur, Hatice Gonca (2012-07-09)
A new Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system, which is a combination of Optical Fiber Sensor (OFS), GPR and optical communication link, is developed to determine the depth and the position of the buried circular cylinder. O...
Fiber optik sensör içeren radar İle gömülü silindirik cisim tespiti
Bulur, Hatice Gonca (2011-09-23)
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