Hilal Samut

Department of Food Engineering
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Microbial growth and attachment of Salmonella and enterohemorrhagic and enteroaggregative Escherichia coli strains on cress microgreens grown in peat soil system
Namlı, Şahin; Samut, Hilal; Soyer, Yeşim (2021-12-01)
Purpose This study aimed to investigate how enteric pathogens and their biofilm populations on fresh produce survive according to time that contamination has occurred on leaves and contamination route: seed irrigation wate...
Effect of Non-LAB Probiotics on Foodborne Enteric Pathogens: A Systematic Review
Yeni, Filiz; Samut, Hilal; Soyer, Yeşim (2021-01-01)
This systematic review aimed to highlight the newest information on the effects of non-lactic acid probiotics on the foodborne pathogens. Following the PRISMA-P guidelines, electronic databases (PubMed, Medline, Cochrane C...
Identification and Characterization of 33 Bacillus cereus sensu lato Isolates from Agricultural Fields from Eleven Widely Distributed Countries by Whole Genome Sequencing
Zervas, Athanasios; Aggerbeck, Marie Ronne; Allaga, Henrietta; GÜZEL, MUSTAFA; Hendriks, Marc; Jonuskiene, IIona; Kedves, Orsolya; Kupeli, Ayse; Lamovsek, Janja; Muelner, Pascal; Munday, Denise; Namlı, Şahin; Samut, Hilal; Tomicic, Ruzica; Tomicic, Zorica; Yeni, Filiz; Zghal, Raida Zribi; Zhao, Xingchen; Sanchis-Borja, Vincent; Hendriksen, Niels Bohse (2020-12-01)
The phylogeny, identification, and characterization of 33 B. cereus sensu lato isolates originating from 17 agricultural soils from 11 countries were analyzed on the basis of whole genome sequencing. Phylogenetic analyses ...
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