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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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A Data Envelopment Analysis Method for Finding Robust and Cost-Efficient Schedules in Multimode Projects
Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Hazır, Öncü (2020-05-01)
The execution of industrial projects is subject to uncertainties that cause deviations from the designated project schedules. Therefore, it is desired to generate robust schedules in the sense of being insensitive to proje...
Voronoi Boundary Visibility for Efficient Path Planning
Al-Dahhan, Mohammed Rabeea Hashim; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-01-01)
The subject of this paper is the computation of paths for mobile robots that navigate from a start position to a goal position in environments with static obstacles. Specifically, we focus on paths that are represented by ...
Order-Preserving Languages for the Supervisory Control of Automated Manufacturing Systems
Nooruldeen, Anas; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-01-01)
Automated manufacturing systems (AMSs) consist of computer-controlled interconnected manufacturing components (MCs) that are used to transport and process different product types. Each product type requires a certain seque...
Safe and Efficient Path Planning for Omni-directional Robots using an Inflated Voronoi Boundary
Aldahhan, Mohammed Rabeea Hashim; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2019-11-01)
Path planning algorithms for mobile robots are concerned with finding a feasible path between a start and goal location in a given environment without hitting obstacles. In the existing literature, important performance ...
Order-preserving Models for the Supervisory Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Nooruldeen, Anas; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2019-11-01)
This paper develops a new modeling technique for the supervisory control of FMS in the framework of discrete event systems (DES). In particular, we consider the general case of an FMS, where different product types can sha...
Formulation and solution of an optimal control problem for industrial project control
Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Hazır, Öncü (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-09-15)
n this paper, we consider the monitoring and control of industrial projects that are performed by executing different activities within a given time duration. Hereby, it is desired to apply project control to each activity...
Sensor Fusion of a Camera and 2D LIDAR for Lane Detection
Schmidt, Klaus Verner (null; 2019-04-26)
This paper presents a novel lane detection algorithm based on fusion of camera and 2D LIDAR data. On the one hand, objects on the road are detected via 2D LIDAR. On the other hand, binary bird’s eye view (BEV) images are a...
Improved clock synchronization algorithms for the Controller Area Network (CAN)
Akpinar, Murat; Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2019-01-01)
Safety-critical in-vehicle applications require an accurate global time in order to coordinate their actions. Although Controller Area Network (CAN) is the most widely used in-vehicle communication bus, it does not support...
Resource Allocation for Minimized Power Consumption in Hardware Accelerated Clouds
Ekici, Nazim Umut; Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Yazar, Alper; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2019-01-01)
In this paper we propose ACCLOUD-MAN, a novel resource manager for heterogeneous cloud data centers. In heterogeneous clouds a user request can be satisfied with more than one physical resource alternative. That is, the re...
Robust Lane Recognition Based on Arc Splines
Yeniaydın, Yasin; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (null; 2018-10-26)
This paper develops a general lane detection method and proposes new techniques for feature extraction and lane modeling. The proposed method first determines a static region of interest. Then, feature extraction is used t...
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