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Multichannel multimodal piezoelectric middle ear implant concept based on MEMS technology for next-generation fully implantable cochlear implant applications
Pirim, Feyza; Atik, Ali Can; Yüksel, Muhammed Berat; Yılmaz, Akın Mert; UĞUR, MEHMET BİROL; Tunalı, Selçuk; BATU, AYKAN; Aslan, Mahmut Kamil; Özer, Mehmet Bülent; Külah, Haluk (2024-06-01)
This paper introduces a unique multimode, multichannel piezoelectric vibration sensor for the next-generation fully implantable cochlear implant (FICI) systems. The sensor, which can be implanted on the middle ear chain to...
Extension and Experimental Verification of an Efficient Re-Analysis Method for Modified Non-linear Structures
Ekinci, Ceren; Karaağaçlı, Taylan; Çelik, Furkan Kaan; Özer, Mehmet Bülent; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2024-1)
Design changes often occur during engineering applications. Although there are numerous methods to implement these changes and efficiently calculate dynamic responses of modified linear systems; modification methods applic...
Application of Ultrasonic Waves in Bioparticle Manipulation and Separation
Özer, Mehmet Bülent (John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, UK , 2023-11-01)
Acoustic technologies have played an increasingly significant role in both biologyand medicine, empowering scientists and clinicians to explore and understand theintricate workings of living organisms and develop innovativ...
Assessment of silicon, glass, FR4, PDMS and PMMA as a chip material for acoustic particle/cell manipulation in microfluidics
Açıkgöz, Hande N.; Karaman, Alara; Şahin, M. Akif; Çaylan, Ömer R.; Büke, Göknur C.; Yıldırım, Ender; Eroğlu, İrem C.; Erson Bensan, Ayşe Elif; Çetin, Barbaros; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (2023-03-01)
In the present study, the capabilities of different chip materials for acoustic particle manipulation have been assessed with the same microfluidic device architecture, under the same actuator and flow conditions. Silicon,...
Aerospace structure design using structural response of a payload carried by jet fighter Jet uçagi ile taşinan bir faydali yükün yapisal cevabinin havacilik yapilari tasariminda kullanimi
Kaplan, Engin Metin; Acar, Erdem; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (2022-01-01)
© 2022 Gazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik. All rights reserved.Structural optimization of equipment mounted to payload carried externally by jet type fighter are performed by using the loads: artificial neural network ...
An extended view for acoustofluidic particle manipulation: Scenarios for actuation modes and device resonance phenomenon for bulk-acoustic-wave devicesa)
Özer, Mehmet Bülent (2021-04-01)
For the manipulation of microparticles, ultrasonic devices, which employ acoustophoretic forces, have become an essential tool. There exists a widely used analytical expression in the literature which does not account for ...
Development of a method for maximum structural response prediction of a store externally carried by a jet fighter
Kaplan, Engin Metin; Acar, Erdem; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (2021-01-01)
Experimental structural response of equipment mounted in store carried externally by jet type aircraft is investigated, predicted and compared with responses suggested by military standards in this study. A representative ...
A Novel Artificial Pancreas: Energy Efficient Valveless Piezoelectric Actuated Closed-Loop Insulin Pump for T1DM
Kacar, Alp; Özer, Mehmet Bülent; Tascioglu, Yigit (2020-08-01)
The objective of this work is to develop a closed-loop controlled insulin pump to keep the blood glucose level of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) patients in the desired range. In contrast to the existing artificial pancre...
Investigation of effect of design and operating parameters on acoustophoretic particle separation via 3D device-level simulations
Sahin, Mehmet Akif; ÇETİN, BARBAROS; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-16)
In the present study, a 3D device-level numerical model is implemented via finite element method to assess the effects of design and operating parameters on the separation performance of a microscale acoustofluidic device....
Computational fluid dynamics and proper orthogonal decomposition based control of flow over supersonic cavities
Gelisli, Kubra Asena; Aradag, Selin; Tascioglu, Yigit; Özer, Mehmet Bülent (2019-01-01)
© 2019, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA. All rights reserved.A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study is conducted to investigate the unsteady, turbulent supersonic cavity flow characteristic...
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