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Mehmet Hilmi Demir

Popper's Axiomatic Probability System and the Value-Assignment Problem
Demir, Mehmet Hilmi (2018-12-01)
In the standard theory of probability, developed by Kolmogorov, the concept of conditional probability is defined with what is known as the ratio formula: the probability of A given B is the ratio between the probability o...
Cross-Cultural Differences in Informal Argumentation: Norms, Inductive Biases and Evidentiality
Karaslaan, Hatice; Hohenberger, Annette; Demir, Mehmet Hilmi; Hall, Simon; Oaksford, Mike (Brill, 2018-8-13)
Cross-cultural differences in argumentation may be explained by the use of different norms of reasoning. However, some norms derive from, presumably universal, mathematical laws. This inconsistency can be resolved, by cons...