Mustafa Türkeş

Department of International Relations
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Old and New Problems in the Balkans and Marxism
Türkeş, Mustafa (2018-12-01)
Efforts to determine the place of Marxism in the Balkans in a historical manner seem to enable us to outline not only the historical importance of Marxism but also to point out more precisely its relevance with contemporar...
Stillborn Optimism in Turkey: the Trump Presidency
Türkeş, Mustafa; Akdan, Tolgahan (Westphalia Press, 2018-01-01)
President Donald J. Trump's foreign policy rhetoric and actions become more understandable by reference to his personality traits, his worldview, and his view of the world. His campaign rhetoric catered to Americans comfor...
Stillborn Optimism in Turkey: The Trump Presidency
Türkeş, Mustafa; Akdan, Tolgahan (Westphalia Press, 2018-01-01)
Contentious Issues of Security and the Future of Turkey
Türkeş, Mustafa (null, Routledge Taylor and Fransis, 2018-01-01)
International Area StudiesSpecial Studies in International Cultures
Türkeş, Mustafa (null; 2017-07-12)
The Evolution of the Straits question from Lausanne to Montreux
Türkeş, Mustafa (null; 2017-04-01)
Die Außenpolitik der türkischen AKP im Nahen Osten vor und nach dem arabischen Frühling
Türkeş, Mustafa (2016-11-01)
A Deal between EU and Turkey on Matters of the Refugee Readmission and Visa Liberalisation
Türkeş, Mustafa (null; 2016-07-01)
Decomposing Neo-Ottoman Hegemony
Türkeş, Mustafa (Informa UK Limited, 2016-06-01)
This paper demonstrates how the Justice and Development Party's (JDP) hegemony involved a coalescence of external and domestic forces into a historic bloc. It benefits from the insights of a neo-Gramscian approach. It argu...
Modernization Approach and the Failed Transition in the Western Balkans
Türkeş, Mustafa; Akdan, Tolgahan (Peter Lang, 2016-01-01)
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