Mustafa Tanju Mehmetoğlu

Mathematical modeling of the soaking period in a microbial enhanced oil recovery application
Behlulgil, K; Mehmetoğlu, Mustafa Tanju (2003-09-01)
In this study, experimental conditions of the microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) technique applied for Garzan oil (26degrees API; southeast Turkey) were utilized in a mathematical model that describes the transport of ...
Mathematical Modeling of the Soaking Period in a Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Application
Durgut, İsmail; Behlülgil, Ahmet Kemal; Mehmetoğlu, Mustafa Tanju (2003-09-01)
Bacteria for improvement of oil recovery: A laboratory study
Behlulgil, K; Mehmetoğlu, Mustafa Tanju (2002-05-01)
In microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) technique, microorganisms and/or their products (gases, chemicals) are used in the enhancement of oil recovery. In the present study, MEOR is tested for Garzan (26degrees API) crud...
TUGLUHAN, AM; Mehmetoğlu, Mustafa Tanju; BAGCI, S (1991-12-01)
Oxidation kinetics of a Turkish oil shale (Bolu-Himmetoglu), when subjected to an air flow of 1.5 L/min at different pressures, was studied. CO, CO2 and O2 gas concentrations were measured as a function of controlled incr...
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