Osman Gazi Birgül

Graduate School of Social Sciences
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Unveiling the philosophical foundations: On Cantor’s transfinite infinites and the metaphorical accounts of infinity
Birgül, Osman Gazi (2023-11-01)
This paper consists of two parts and has two aims. The first is to elaborate on the historical-philosophical background of Cantor’s notions of infinity in the context of Spinoza’s influence on him. To achieve this aim, in ...
On the Onto-Epistemological Status of the Empty Set and the Pure Singleton
Birgül, Osman Gazi (2021-01-01)
This article discusses the quiddity of the empty set from its epistemological and linguistic aspects. It consists of four parts. The first part compares the concept of nihil privativum and the empty set in terms of represe...
On the Problem of Interpretation Concerning the Contemporary Philosophy of Biology
Birgül, Osman Gazi (2019-06-01)
In the first part of the study, I discuss three methodological problems of the interpretation of the biological data, namely subjectivity of perspective, anthropocentrism of jargon and perspective-orientation of the studie...
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