Öznur Akcalı Yılmaz

Department of International Relations
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The cultural dilemmas of uneven and combined development (UCD): ‘the biggest agony of the Turkish spirit’
Yalvaç, Faruk; Akcalı Yılmaz, Öznur (2023-01-01)
Recent studies of international historical sociology have focused more on the interaction between the political and economic aspects of the world system compared to its cultural dimensions. In this article we want to addre...
The Otherness of Turkey in European Integration
Ertuğrul, Kürşad; Akcalı Yılmaz, Öznur (Informa UK Limited, 2018-01-01)
This paper discusses how Turkey's otherness to European identity, as represented by the European Union (EU), was turned into an asset during the beginning of the AKP rule. To the extent that the AKP represented the Islamic...
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