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Granitik Buzul Çakıllarında Zirkon Tipolojisi Çalışması: Toridler’den Örnek Bir Çalışma (Türkiye)
Köksal, Serhat (2020-11-01)
Gondwana’nın kuzey kenarına ait Geç Ordovisiyen buzul kayaçlarına, Torid’lerde ve Güneydoğu Anadolu Otokton Kuşağı’nda rastlanmaktadır. Bu çalışmada; Doğu Toridler’de Feke-Saimbeyli-Ceralan (Adana) (DPK-30), Feke-Gökmenler...
The Upper Cretaceous intrusive rocks with extensive crustal contribution in Hacimahmutusagi Area (Aksaray/Turkey)
Köksal, Serhat (Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2019-06-01)
The Hacimahmutusagi area (Aksaray/Turkey) is located in the western part of the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex (CACC). Gneiss and marble compose the basement units, while intrusive rocks are gabbros and granitoids. ...
A new petrogeneticmodel for Late Neoproterozoic Granitoids and gabbroes in the Menderes Massif, Western Turkey: Implications for late-stage Cadomian magmatism in the Pan-African mega-cycle
Gürsu, Semih; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas (null; 2018-09-02)
Andrean-type Late Neoproterozoic subalkaline magmatism in southern Turkey: Evidence for an active continental margin in the Peri-Gondwanan Realm
Gürsu, Semih; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (null; 2018-06-26)
The Gondwanan Late Neoproterozoic successions in Turkey mainly crop out in the Tauride-Anatolide Platform (TAP) and the South Anatolian Autoctone Belt (SAAB) of the northern Arabian Plate. The Neoproterozoic meta-granitic ...
Geochemical and isotopic data of meta-gabbroic dikes in Alaşehir area in the Menderes Massif, Western Turkey: Evidence for the Early Cambrian back-arc rifting?
Gürsu, Semih; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas (null; 2018-06-02)
Stratigraphic feature of undated garnet-bearing meta-gabbroic dikes cross-cutting basement rocks of meta-pelitic successions in the Alaşehir areas (Central Menderes Massif - CMM) are still in debate and are distinct from t...
Nd, Pb, Hf isotope characteristics and provenance of glacial granitic pebbles from Late Ordovician diamictites in the Taurides, S Turkey
GÜRSU, SEMİH; Mueller, Paul A.; Sunkari, Emmanuel D.; Moller, Andreas; Köksal, Serhat; Kamenov, George'D.; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (2018-02-01)
Outcrops of the Late Ordovician glacio-marine deposits in Tauride Anatolide Platform contain rare rounded/sub-rounded glacially transported granitic pebbles. Recently determined crystallization ages of the granitic fragmen...
From magmatic arc to post-collisional back-arc setting in the Tauride-Anatolide Platform (TAP): Overview of the Cadomian basement rocks in Turkey
Gürsu, Semih; Goncuoglu, M. Cemal; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas (null; 2017-10-25)
A new geodynamic model is proposed to clarify the genesis of the Late Neoproterozoic - Early Cambrian meta-magmatic rocks cropped out in S Turkey. Cadomian basement rocks observed in peri-Gondwanan Turkey crop out in diffe...
Nd, Pb and Hf Isotope Provenance of Glacial Granitic Pebbles in Late Ordovician Diamictites of the Taurides, S Turkey
Gürsu, Semih; Möller, Andreas; Mueller, Paul A; Köksal, Serhat; Kamenov, George D; Goncuoglu, M. Cemal (null; 2017-08-13)
Petrogenesis and geodynamics of plagiogranites from Central Turkey (Ekecikdag/Aksaray): new geochemical and isotopic data for generation in an arc basin system within the northern branch of Neotethys
Köksal, Serhat; Toksoy Köksal, Fatma; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (2017-06-01)
In the Late Cretaceous, throughout the closure of the Neotethys Ocean, ophiolitic rocks from the A degrees zmir-Ankara-Erzincan ocean branch were overthrusted the northern margin of the Tauride-Anatolide Platform. The ophi...
Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry U-Pb Dating of Detrital and Magmatic Zircons of Glacial Diamictites and Pebbles in Late Ordovician Sediments of the Taurides and Southeast Anatolian Autochthon Belt, Turkey: Indications for Their Arabian-Nubian Provenance
GÜRSU, SEMİH; Moller, Andreas; Usta, Dogan; Köksal, Serhat; Ates, Serafettin; Sunkari, Emmanuel D.; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (2017-03-01)
Late Ordovician (Hirnantian) glacio-marine deposits in the Central and Eastern Taurides and Southeast Anatolian Autochthon Belt (SAAB) in Turkey are mainly composed of diamictites, subrounded granitic pebbles, and rounded/...
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