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Bicriteria scheduling of a material handling robot in an m-machine cell to minimize the energy consumption of the robot and the cycle time
Gultekin, Hakan; Gürel, Sinan; Taspinar, Rabia (2021-12-01)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdThis study considers a flowshop type production system consisting of m machines. A material handling robot transports the parts between the machines and loads and unloads the machines. We consider the se...
A heterogeneous fleet liner ship scheduling problem with port time uncertainty
Gürel, Sinan; Shadmand, Aysan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-12-01)
We deal with a schedule design problem for a heterogeneous fleet liner shipping service under uncertain waiting and handling times at ports. In a liner shipping service, longer than expected waiting and handling times at a...
Energy conscious scheduling of a material handling robot in a manufacturing cell
Gürel, Sinan; Gultekin, Hakan; Akhlaghi, Vahid Eghbal (Elsevier BV, 2019-08-01)
In cyclic scheduling of material handling robots in manufacturing cells, a common approach is to minimize the cycle time objective, which is a measure of the throughput of the cell. In a typical robot move cycle, robot mov...
Impact assessment based sectoral balancing in public R&D project portfolio selection
Caglar, Musa; Gürel, Sinan (2019-06-01)
Government funding agencies spend significant amounts of R&D funds through funding programs. While allocating funds among sectors or scientific disciplines, the Decision Maker (DM) wants to maximize the total impact by sup...
Robotic cell scheduling considering energy consumption of robot
Gültekin, Hakan; Gürel, Sinan; Akhlaghi, Vahid Eghbal (null; 2017-12-08)
Flight Network-Based Approach for Integrated Airline Recovery with Cruise Speed Control
ARIKAN, Ugur; Gürel, Sinan; Akturk, M. Selim (2017-11-01)
Airline schedules are generally tight and fragile to disruptions. Disruptions can have severe effects on existing aircraft routings, crew pairings, and passenger itineraries that lead to high delay and recovery costs. A re...
Impact assessment based sectoral balancing in public r&d project portfolio selection problem
Gürel, Sinan; Musa, Çağlar (null; 2017-09-08)
Government funding agencies provide considerable amount of R&D funds through funding programs. While constructing R&D project portfolio, Decision Maker (DM) wants to balance program budget over sectors or scientific discip...
Integrated aircraft-path assignment and robust schedule design with cruise speed control
Safak, Ozge; Gürel, Sinan; Akturk, M. Selim (2017-08-01)
Assignment of aircraft types, each having different seat capacity, operational expenses and availabilities, critically affects airlines' overall cost. In this paper, we assign fleet types to paths by considering not only f...
Integer L-shaped algorithm and MISOCP for nonlinear network design problem
Gündoğdu, Emine; Gürel, Sinan (null; 2017-07-21)
Kamu Ar-Ge Proje Portföy Seçiminde Sektörlere Etki Değerlendirme Temelli Dengeli Bütçe Dağıtımı
Gürel, Sinan; Musa, Çağlar (2017-07-07)
Bu çalışmada kamu Ar-Ge proje portföy seçimi probleminde eldeki bütçenin farklı sektörlere veya bilimsel disiplinlere dengeli dağıtımı problemini ele aldık. Bu problemde ekonomik ve sosyal etkisi yüksek sektörlere daha yük...
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