Zeynep Bektaş

Department of Geological Engineering
Seismoturbidites in the Gulf of Aqaba during the past 500 years
Bektaş, Zeynep; Avşar, Ulaş (2019-04-12)
The Gulf of Aqaba, 180 km-long and approximately 15 km-wide, is located at the southernmost part of the left-lateral strike slip Dead Sea Fault (DSF). It is characterized by three pull-apart basins accommodating trans-tens...
Interdisciplinary Earthquake Hazard Research in Gulf of Aqaba
Jonsson, Sigurjon; Avşar, Ulaş; Bektaş, Zeynep; Castro Perdomo, Ne; Gabriel, Aa; Hanafy, Ss; Klinger, Yann; Lefevre, Mm; Martin, Mai; Masson, Ff; Matrau, Rr; Passone, Ll (null; 2019-04-12)
The Dead Sea fault system borders the north-moving Arabian plate and accommodates primarily left-lateral transform motion. Many devastating earthquakes have occurred on the Dead Sea fault during the past 2000 years, with t...
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