Halime Gül Demirer

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Aeroelastic Model Corrections of a Very Light Aircraft; Implications on Static Trim, Flutter and Gust Response
Demirer, Halime Gül; Kayran, Altan (2022-01-01)
© 2022, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA. All rights reserved.This paper discusses the aeroelastic model corrections employed in the static and dynamic aeroelastic analysis of a very light aircr...
Static and Dynamic Aeroelastic Analysis of a Very Light Aircraft
Demirer, Halime Gül; Kayran, Altan (2021-09-08)
Aircraft design processes need to ensure that the aircraft will be aeroelastically stable within its operational envelope. This paper presents an overview of the static aeroelastic analysis results, flutter analysis and gu...
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