Timur Doğu

Department of Chemical Engineering
Dimethyl ether from syngas and effect of CO2 sorption on product distribution over a new bifunctional catalyst pair containing STA@SBA-15
Direct synthesis of dimethyl ether (DME) from syngas was investigated in the presence of a bifunctional catalyst pair containing silicotungstic acid (STA) incorporated SBA-15 (5, 10, 25% by wt. STA) for the in-situ dehydra...
Heteropolyacid Incorporated Bifunctional Core-Shell Catalysts for Dimethyl Ether Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide/Syngas
Core-shell-type catalysts, which are synthesized by encapsulating the Cu-ZnO-Alumina type methanol synthesis catalyst (CZA) by silicotungstic acid (STA)-incorporated mesoporous alumina, were prepared following a hydrotherm...
Effects of synthesis route on the performance of mesoporous ceria-alumina and ceria-zirconia-alumina supported nickel catalysts in steam and autothermal reforming of diesel
Bozda, Arzu Arslan; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Doğu, Timur (2022-01-01)
Decline in catalyst performance due to coke deposition is the main problem in diesel steam (SR) and autothermal reforming (ATR) reactions. Good redox potential and strong interaction of CeO2 with nickel increase activity a...
Steam Reforming of Ethanol with Nickel Impregnated Silica Aerogel
Sarıyer, Merve; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Doğu, Timur (2021-09-11)
Bifunctional Silicotungstic Acid and Tungstophosphoric Acid Impregnated Cu-Zn-Al & Cu-Zn-Zr Catalysts for Dimethyl Ether Synthesis from Syngas
Karaman, Birce Pekmezci; OKTAR, NURAY; DOĞU, GÜLŞEN; Doğu, Timur (2020-09-01)
In the present study, a set of methanol synthesis catalysts with different Cu/Zn/Al or Cu/Zn/Zr molar ratios were synthesized by a co-precipitation method. Silicotungstic acid and tungstophosphoric acid were impregnated in...
Performance comparison of microwave and conventionally heated reactors for sorption enhanced reforming of ethanol over Ni impregnated SBA-15
Sarıyer, Merve; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Doğu, Timur (2019-12-01)
Hydrogen production from steam reforming of ethanol (SRE) and sorption enhanced steam reforming of ethanol (SESRE) over nickel impregnated SBA-15 catalyst was investigated in both conventionally and microwave heated reacto...
Effect of synthesis media pH and gel separation technique on properties of copper incorporated SBA-15 catalyst
Akti, Filiz; Balci, Suna; Doğu, Timur (2019-10-01)
Cu-SBA-15 catalysts were synthesized hydrothermally under acidic and slightly higher acidic conditions via solid separation by either gel filtration or evaporation. XRD (X-ray diffraction) patterns and HRTEM (high resoluti...
Fifty Years of Moment Technique for Dynamic Analysis of Chemical Reactor Parameters
DOĞU, GÜLŞEN; Doğu, Timur (2019-05-01)
Moment technique has been extensively used for the evaluation of the rate and equilibrium parameters in chemical reactors and also in adsorption vessels, for about five decades. Adsorption and reaction rate parameters, as ...
Catalytic performances of Ni and Cu impregnated MCM-41 and Zr-MCM-41 for hydrogen production through steam reforming of acetic acid
Cakiryilmaz, Nurbanu; ARBAĞ, HÜSEYİN; OKTAR, NURAY; DOĞU, GÜLŞEN; Doğu, Timur (2019-02-15)
A new mesoporous catalyst support material was synthesized by incorporation of zirconia into the structure of MCM-41 through a one-pot procedure. Catalytic performances of MCM-41 and Zr incorporated MCM-41 (25Zr-MCM-41) su...
Role of synthesis media on properties of tin and copper incorporated SBA-15 catalysts and their activity in selective oxidation of ethanol
Akti, Filiz; BALCI, FATMA SUNA; Doğu, Timur (2019-02-01)
Hydrothermal synthesis of metal/SBA-15 catalysts were performed by adding of metal sources before or after silica precursor, as powder or after dissolving in alcohol. Novel catalysts were developed carrying out synthesis i...
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