Tolga Esat Özkurt

Graduate School of Informatics
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Identification of nonlinear features in cortical and subcortical signals of Parkinson's Disease patients via a novel efficient measure
Özkurt, Tolga Esat; Akram, Harith; Zrinzo, Ludvic; Limousin, Patricia; Foltynie, Tom; Oswal, Ashwini; Litvak, Vladimir (Elsevier BV, 2020-12-01)
This study offers a novel and efficient measure based on a higher order version of autocorrelative signal memory that can identify nonlinearities in a single time series. The suggested method was applied to simultaneously ...
Brain Oscillatory Correlates of Visual Short-Term Memory Errors
Mapelli, Igor; Özkurt, Tolga Esat (2019-02-13)
Brain dynamics of memory formation were explored during encoding and retention intervals of a visual working memory task. EEG data were acquired while subjects were exposed to grayscale images of widely known object catego...
N1-P2: Neural markers of temporal expectation and response discrimination in interval timing
Duzcu, Halil; Özkurt, Tolga Esat; Mapelli, Igor; Hohenberger, Annette (2019-01-01)
Humans use temporal regularities in their daily life to act in accordance with future events in the most efficient way. To achieve this, humans build temporal expectations and determine a template action that is in line wi...
Neural oscillations, circular causality and the implications for nature
Özkurt, Tolga Esat (2018-09-19)
On the Most Informative Slice of Bicoherence That Characterizes Resting State Brain Connectivity
Kandemir, Ahmet Levent; Özkurt, Tolga Esat (2018-08-07)
Bicoherence is a useful tool to detect nonlinear interactions within the brain with high computational cost. Latest attempts to reduce this computational cost suggest calculating a particular 'slice' of the bicoherence mat...
Unilateral deep brain stimulation suppresses alpha and beta oscillations in sensorimotor cortices
Abbasi, Omid; Hirschmann, Jan; Storzer, Lena; Özkurt, Tolga Esat; Elben, Saskia; Vesper, Jan; Wojtecki, Lars; Schmitz, Georg; Schnitzler, Alfons; Butz, Markus (2018-07-01)
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an established therapy to treat motor symptoms in movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease (PD). The mechanisms leading to the high therapeutic effectiveness of DBS are poorly understo...
Would somatosensory stimuli increase LTM performance? A preliminary EEG study
Göktepe, Gizem; Mapellı, Igor; Özkurt, Tolga Esat (null; 2017-12-06)
Modulation of alpha oscillations is required for the suppression of semantic interference
Melnik, Natalia; Mapelli, Igor; Özkurt, Tolga Esat (2017-10-01)
Recent findings on alpha band oscillations suggest their important role in memory consolidation and suppression of external distractors such as environmental noise. However, less attention was given to the phenomenon of in...
Sliced cross-channel bicoherence between local field potentials for patients with Parkinson’s disease
Özkurt, Tolga Esat; Hırschmann, Jan; Butz, Markus; Schnıtzler, Alfons (2017-09-25)
Modeling deep brain stimulation effects on amplitude and coupling behavior of beta and high-frequency oscillations
Özkan, Vedat Ali; Özkurt, Tolga Esat (null; 2017-09-25)
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