Çok katlı otopark binası.

Mutlu, Yıldız


Spaces of communication in high-rise residential buildings
Engür, Özge; Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2013)
The aim of thesis is to evaluate criticisms directed to high-rise buildings which have firstly used for residential purposes with modernism in terms of their hindering social contact, and to explain in what kind of spaces the residents of high-rise building sustain their social and environmental contacts. This form was aimed to be used as the building type of high-rise, low density urban form in CIAM meeting for decreasing health problems created by industrialization on individuals. In contrast, Team 10 cri...
Strategic environmental quality investments in multi-tier supply chains
Yalçın, Pınar; Karaer, Özgen; Kraft, Tim; Department of Operational Research (2018)
We study a buyer’s strategies to incentivize environmental quality investment in a three-tier supply chain. Environmental quality of the end product depends on the environmental performances of both the tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. A higher environmental quality produces an increased demand for the end product; and hence for the whole supply chain. In this setting, we compare the effectiveness of a delegation vs. a full control model from the buyer’s cost-sharing perspective. Our analysis considers how the ...
Mixed-use high-rise [residential] complexes: a new urban form(ation) in İstanbul
Aslankan, Ali; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2014)
Following Industrialization and Modernization processes, Globalization allowed the capital to manifest itself in every aspect of daily life and spatial practices at the end of the twentieth century. As separate functional bodies; work, leisure and accommodation are reorganized according to the will of the capital and obtained new spatial dimensions and forms. Financial agglomerations in the form of Central Business Districts (CBDs) and recontextualization of leisure/shopping as an urban activity in the form...
Optimal wind bracing systems for multi-storey steel buildings
Yıldırım, İlyas; Hasançebi, Oğuzhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
The major concern in the design of the multi-storey buildings is the structure to have enough lateral stability to resist wind forces. There are different ways to limit the lateral drift. First method is to use unbraced frame with moment-resisting connections. Second one is to use braced frames with moment-resisting connections. Third one is to use pin-jointed connections instead of moment-resisting one and using bracings. Finally braced frame with both moment-resisting and pin-jointed connections is a solu...
Shadow detection on multispectral images
Dağlayan Sevim, Hazan; Çetin, Yasemin; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Shadows caused by clouds, mountains or high human-made structures pose challenges for identification of objects from satellite or aerial images since they deteriorate and mask true spectral properties of the objects. Therefore, they should be detected to accurately classify objects. Moreover, in change detection problems, shadows deteriorate performance because mere spectral changes act as actual object changes. Shadows are also useful as cues for estimating the height of an object or determining the time of...
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