Evaluation of alkaline pretreatment temperature on a multi-product basis for the co-production of glucose and hemicellulose based films from lignocellulosic biomass

TORAMAN, Hilal Ezgi
Özkan, Necati
Bakir, Ufuk
Cotton stalks were subjected to alkaline pretreatment for the co-production of glucose and hemicellulose based films with a multi-product approach. Three pretreatment temperatures (25, 60 and 90 degrees C) were evaluated for their effects both on the glucose yield and on the properties of hemicellulose based films. Compared to untreated cotton stalks, the glucose yields were enhanced 3.9, 4.1 and 4.2 times for pretreatments conducted at 25, 60 and 90 degrees C, respectively. The pretreatment temperature of 90 degrees C was detrimental in terms of film formation. Tensile energy to break values of the films obtained after pretreatments conducted at 25, 60 and 90 degrees C were 1.1, 0.8, and 0.4 MJ/m(3), respectively. The hemicellulosic part of the process, which considers the production of hemicellulose based films, should govern the pretreatment temperature since it was more responsive to the changes in the pretreatment temperature compared to the cellulosic part that accounts for glucose production.


Efficient Acetylation of Xylans by Exploiting the Potassium Acetate Formed During the Alkaline Extraction
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Isolation of hemicelluloses through alkaline extraction results in formation of salts, which usually necessitates additional salt removal steps. In this study, acetylation of xylans was studied without the removal of potassium acetate (KAc), a commonly produced salt during the alkaline extraction, to find a facile method to alter the hydrophilic characteristics of hemicelluloses. The acetylation reaction was carried out solely with acetic anhydride without any catalysts or solvents added. The weight gain an...
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Yıldız, Eda; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Şahin, Serpil (Elsevier BV, 2021-02-01)
The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of gallic acid incorporation and homogenization method (high-speed homogenization and ultrasonication) on the physicochemical characteristics of pea flour based active films and the activity of the films against lipid oxidation. The water vapor permeability results of the active films increased by approximately 16% with the addition of gallic acid. Furthermore, active films had higher elongation and flexibility due to the plasticizing effect of gall...
Evaluation of functional changes in akr1b1 and akr1b10 overexpressing colorectal cancer cell lines
Güderer, İsmail; Banerjee, Sreeparna; Department of Biology (2021-2-15)
Aldo-keto reductases (AKRs) are nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH)-dependent enzymes with diverse cellular metabolism functions. AKR1B1 and AKR1B10 are two of the most studied enzymes in the AKR family. AKR1B1 reduces excess glucose into sorbitol using reducing electrons from NADPH, and the hyperactivation of the AKR1B1 pathways is associated with oxidative stress and cell death. AKR1B10 is a poor reductant of glucose but is a vital enzyme that can metabolize retinol and many other drugs an...
Investigation of the performance of colloidal LiFePO4 particles in suspension flow battery
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In this study, colloidal LiFePO4 particles were synthesized through solvothermal route. Effect of solvothermal method parameters on formation of colloidal LiFePO4 was investigated. Post-processing treatments were found effective to obtain non-aggregated colloidal particles. The rheological behavior of aqueous suspensions including electroactive material was examined in terms of salt, electroactive material concentration and carbon content. A three-electrode systems was used to analyze electrochemical perfor...
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KALELİ, Murat; Parlak, Mehmet; Ercelebi, C. (2011-10-12)
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